Inquisitive Podcast #9 – Making Podcasts

inquisitive artworkWas delighted to have a chat with my mate Myke Hurley last night on the Inquisitive podcast.

This week Myke is joined by Don McAllister. They talk about how Don has grown ScreenCastsOnline over the years, the amount of work that goes in to creating the screencasts and some of the ways he has gone about creating a sustainable business.


Always good to talk to Myke and we’ve conversed on many a podcast for the past few years. Recently, he’s taken the bold move of packing in his day job to follow his passion and run Relay FM as his full time business. I wish him the best of luck in his new venture.

Check out the podcast from last night here, as or any of the other fine Relay FM podcasts here.

Thanks Myke!

The Mac & Forth Show

Voila_Capture 2014-08-07_09-50-21_amDelighted to have been asked to join with Karl and the other guys for the Mac & Forth podcast last night.

What a nice bunch of lads!


“This week the guys welcome two special guests as they drop by, in other words, they couldn’t think of excuses fast enough for not appearing. Don McAllister from ScreencastsOnline and Peter Bird from The Deeper Look Podcast join Ric, Barry and Karl as they peel back the week’s Apple related news and prod at it like a piece of unwanted kale.”

Link to Podcast

Generational – 70 Decibels

Generational logoHad a great chat over the Christmas break with Gabe Weatherhead on the Generational podcast. It took us a few attempts to get together due to scheduling difficulties, but I’m so glad we did.

Gabe wanted to know more on my thoughts and experiences of instructing and teaching people over the internet.

Check out the podcast for an insight into my style and approach.

Thanks Gabe!

Generational Podcast – Episode 016

Mac Power Users – Episode #74

NewImageI was delighted to be asked to appear as a guest on the Mac Power Users podcast, by my good friends Katie Floyd and David Sparks.

A long time fan of the MPU podcast, I’ve seen them grow into a bit of a behemoth, especially following the recent joining up with the 5by5 network. They really do a fantastic job of drilling down into depth on lots of Mac topics, as well as hosting the special “workflow” episodes.

This week’s episode is one such workflow episode, and they invited me on to talk all about my screencasting workflow, as well as how I run ScreenCastsOnline as a business.

Despite wanting to keep it under the hour, we ran on to 90 minutes. Seemed to pass very quickly 😉

So thanks again to Katie and David for inviting me on, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed chatting.

Direct Link to show page