Where’s the fun?

Apple GraphicSo it’s time for another Apple event later today.

As usual I, like many other Apple fans, are eagerly anticipating to hear what is to be announced.

Or should I rephrase that…

I, like many other Apple fans, are waiting for confirmation of what’s been rumoured for the last several months.

Initially rumoured, and then enhanced, tweaked and then pronounced as definite.

So I don’t think I’ll be spoiling anyones day by repeating that the two devices we should be seeing today are the new iPhone SE (the new smaller iPhone), and the new smaller iPad Pro supporting the Apple Pencil. Oh, and we’ll probably also see the release of iOS 9.3 – an OS that has been in public beta for quite a while.

Don’t get me wrong, if they do get announced, these will all be solid products, but I do miss the days of the surprise product announcements.

Apple are just so huge now, I suppose it’s difficult to keep hardware products secret to the extent they used to be. They can still suprise with hardware – the cylindrical Mac Pro and the new single port MacBook spring to mind. But with iOS devices being produced on such a massive scale, I would imagine it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible to maintain a high level of secrecy.

I’m still looking forward to the event as it will still be fascinating to see how they position these new devices in their overall product line, and how they sell the benefits.

But I’m not expecting any major suprises today to dilute or distract from the iOS message they’ll be delivering.

We most likely will need to wait for WWDC in June for any new Mac hardware… or dare I even mention, the fabled 5K Apple Cinema Display.

One can but hope!

I’m Back!

Ok, So I’ve been back for a week actually!

Back from where you say?

I just took a few weeks off on a family holiday (or vacation) as my US friends would like to call it. I had good intentions of doing some research and some work related stuff whilst on holiday, but other than the daily emails and escalated help desk calls, I pretty much ignored what I had intended to do.

Although I did get chance to play extensively with my new iPhone 6 plus for the first few days of the holiday.

Why just the first few days?

Well I was one of the chumps who jumped onto the iOS 8.0.1 update the second it came out. I’d been struggling with patchy internet access since arriving but managed to download the 8.0.1 update as soon as it appeared.

Bad move.

Yes, following the update, my iPhone 6 Plus was without cellular connection or TouchID.

Pretty devastating as I’d come to rely on 3G for the bulk of my internet access whilst abroad. If only I’d waited another 10 minutes and looked at the explosion of tweets on Twitter advising to steer clear of 8.0.1.

I went to bed confident that 8.0.2 would be available in the morning.

It wasn’t but luckily I had my iPhone5s with me and SIMs were swapped.

There was a fix to 8.0.1 but that involved downloading a Restore image and restoring the iPhone 6 Plus. At over 2GB, that wasn’t going to happen whilst I was away.

It in fact took a couple of days before 8.0.2 was released.

SIMs swapped back and installed the update.

Still no Cellular or TouchID.

SIMs swapped back and back to my trusty iPhone 5s.

It took me another few days to find a location with fast enough internet access to download the restore image and get the iPhone 6 plus working again.

It was a real wake up call to realise just how much we take fast internet for granted.

Anyhow, I was able to use the iPhone 6 Plus for the rest of the holiday.

I’m really loving the new larger iPhone, so much so that it is impacting on how much I use my iPad now – but that’s fodder for another blog post.

Hopefully, I’ll get back into regular blogging from next week – excited to see what Apple has in store for us on the 16th.

I bet you the streaming will be faultless!

No New IOS 8 Beta for Developers?

Ios8Apple released a new build of OSX Yosemite to developers on Monday (Beta 6). This is usually followed by a new build of iOS 8 on the same day.

This is understandable due to the close integration of both Yosemite and iOS 8 to allow the Continuity features such as Handoff to interoperate.

However, for this beta release cycle, there was no accompanying iOS 8 Beta 6 release?

Various blog sites (such as MacRumours) are reporting that there was a new Beta 6 version of iOS 8 released, but it’s only to Apple partners – presumably carriers who need to test the radio related components.

The reason being touted is that Apple would not release the build to developers due to the fact it must be getting close to the Gold Master Build?

I find this hard to swallow!

My take is that there may be some new features, or clues to the specs of the new iPhones, included in iOS 8 Beta 6 that Apple didn’t want to be pre-announced. It’s unlikely that the features may be obvious to the partners, but may be something that curious developers could expose quite easily.

It could be something as simple as a way to deduct the screen resolutions of the new iPhone 6 by digging into the code.

Either way, September 9th is rapidly approaching… I’d better get on with my tutorials!

Updated: I did of course mean Yosemite! Thanks @andreagelati

No Cheap iPhone Then?

So no cheap iPhones then?

Of course not, just like there were no cheap iPads when the iPad mini came out. Remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth that Apple must produce a cheap iPad mini to compete with the other cheaper loss making tablets, despite the success of the original iPad.

Well they didn’t, and it didn’t hurt iPad sales.

Looks like they also decided not to create a “cheap” iPhone yesterday.

However, what Apple did do was to pull off a marketing masterstroke.


New iPhone 5 at premium price – $199/$299/$399 on contract

  • Some spec upgrades
  • New form factor
  • Still a premium brand at a premium price

iPhone 4S at reduced price – $99 on contract

  • Probably some cost savings on manufacturing after 12 months but presumably still relatively high due to high quality components/casing and specialised manufacturing processes = less margin.
  • Still a good buy but stigmatised by being last years model.
  • No real attraction to potential new buyers unless you really wanted an old iPhone at a more affordable price point.

iPhone 4 – Free with contract


New iPhone 5S at premium price – $199/$299/$399 on contract

  • Only model with all metal case including Gold
  • Premium features – 64Bit, Touch ID, Improved Camera
  • The ultimate iPhone and recognised as such

iPhone 5C – A brand new iPhone but just $99 on contract

  • Same internals as the iPhone 5 but probably significant cost savings on manufacturing and parts – higher margins on basically the same phone and same price point as last year.
  • It’s a brand new iPhone!
  • It’s in lots of colours!
  • If you couldn’t afford a brand new iPhone before, you can now!

iPhone 4S – Free with contract

So no cheap iPhone, but they’ve just opened up a whole new market and created a less expensive premium iPhone brand.


Simplicity for the iPhone – O2

Following on from a series of tweets I thought I’d put down what I know here so people have a point of reference (and can also correct me if I’m wrong)

Just discovered my iPhone contract ran out last month although O2 didn’t actually tell me or remind me.

I rang them over another botch up where they’d put a Data bolt on to my account as requested for my trip to Blogworld last October. They did say they’d cancel it after a month but didn’t. Fairly easy to sort out and a refund is being processed.

However, what to do now my iPhone contract is finished?

Well, it transpires I can move to a new 30 day contract reducing my £35 per month to £20 per month. The contract is called Simplicity for iPhone 20. This includes 600 minutes of calls and 1200 text messages plus unlimited data. The operator didn’t mention any change to Visual Voicemail or wifi roaming. 

There is a standard Simplicity 20 plan for other phones but this one is specifically for existing iPhone customers coming off the iPhone plan. The standard simplicity 20 plan does not include data.

If you have any further info or links, feel free to drop in the comments.

The £20 per month is still more than I use but it’s better for me. I should really be an iPod touch user for the limited amount of time I actually use the phone part of the iPhone but it’s just so handy when I do need it!

Bring on the next iPhone, I’m out of contract and ready 😉