PopClip – Indispensable

Just noticed an update to one of my favourite Mac utilities – PopClip.

It’s come a long way since it’s initial launch when it was really just a replication of the copy and paste menu on iOS on the Mac. With the advent of PopClip extensions, it’s absolutely wonderful.

You basically select some text, and PopClip will pop up a configurable menu right next to the text – really handy.

Standard copy and paste are included but the popup menu can be extended using extensions – and there are lots and lots of them!

Extensions allow you to act on the selected text, right from within the Popclip menu. Install the Evernote extension, and any selected text can be sent to Evernote, install the OmniFocus extension, send the selected text straight into OmniFocus. Paste and match Style – covered. Best is, there are no keyboard shortcuts to learn and you don’t have to travel all the way to the Menubar to select actions.

The new update has removed the previous limit of 10 extensions, so you can install as many as you find useful.

I have covered PopClip before in a ScreenCastsOnline members show, but I’ve just made it available to view for free from the ScreenCastsOnline website – Free PopClip ScreenCast

So check out the screencast and get a copy to try for free from the vendors website

To review a list of the current extensions, take a look on this page.