Me and Chuck….

Just a quick shout out to say that I recorded a podcast with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices yesterday and it’s now available to download.

To quote the show notes:

Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline is back to update us on what is and isn’t going on in Europe from the Mac perspective, why it isn’t always different than anywhere else, and the state of online video on both sides of the pond. Don also confesses how, following Apple’s new Mac announcements, he went from buying a Mac mini to a Mac Pro in the space of about thirty minutes, discusses what’s new in the ScreenCastsOnline world (including being recognized by Apple), and delivers his thoughts on iLife ‘09.

Always a pleasure to chat with Chuck. You can check out the podcast here

More Musings on The MacBook Air

MacVoices » Blog Archive » MacVoices #866_ Don McAllister’s European Perspective on the MacBook Air, mPlayer in the U.K., Expensive iPhones in Ireland and More.pngMy good friend and Mac Level Ten cohort, Chuck Joiner, invited me back onto his MacVoices podcast yesterday to chew the fat over recent events and wouldn’t you know it, the subject of the MacBook Air came up!

You can listen to my musings about the Air plus some other stuff around iTunes, iPlayer and the Irish iPhone over on MacVoices.

Thanks Chuck, always a pleasure!