Back from Macworld 2010…

….and just starting to get back into the swing.

Will probably start my regular daily blog posting and video comments next week to allow me some time to get this weeks show in the can and published.

In the meantime, my good friend Chuck Joiner has just published the audio and video to the live macRoundtable we did at Macworld 2010.

Check it out here:

Live MacRoundtable Session


Thanks Chuck!


Just a quick update on the MiFi as described in the earlier post, now that I’m in the USA.

The Virgin Mobile plan I’m on in the UK, does include provision for Data services abroad, the only issue is that it’s £5 per MB or something like that.

The 02 data plan for my iPhone is £6 per MB (although you can buy a 1 month 50MB bolt on package for £50) besides which, the iPhone SIM would not work in my MiFi.

So the master plan was to arrive in the US and visit a local AT&T store (along with @patmahon who is in the same situation) and see if we could buy a Pay as You Go SIM with data to pop into the MiFi.

To cut a long story short, we were successful!

We were able to buy a “Pay As You Go Simple Rate” plan which was SIM only. It cost $25 for Voice and $19.99 for 100MB data. That’s $44.99 or £28 in real money! The great thing is that if we use up the 100MB of data, the $25 set aside for voice calls (which we’ll never se) goes towards the data plan so we get an additional 50MB or so data.

As far as installation was concerned, I just popped out the Virgin Mobile SIM and popped in the activated AT&T SIM and boom – it just worked! No configuration required.

So now, my laptop and my iPhone have WiFi connectivity wherever I go, provided I remember to take the MiFi with me (and a spare charged battery!)



Macworld Schedule

Well I promised a quick update about my Macworld schedule so here it is:


Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th
Nothing official planned so I’ll be generally mooching around and attending some of the sessions. And putting the final touches to my sessions for later in the week.


Thursday 11th 
Morning: Expo Floor Opens – Around the show floor
15:00 User Conference Session: US927: Taking Accessibility to the Next Level in Snow Leopard
18:00 NosillaCastaways Meetup


Friday 12th
10:00 User Conference Session: US941: Mac Productivity Bootcamp
13:00 User Conference Session: US981: ScreenCasting 101
18:30 Twit Meetup: Marriott on 4th Street


Saturday 13th
10:30 MacRoundtable Podcast


There are several “keynote” type sessions from David Pogue, Leo Laporte, John Gruber et al so I’ll probably turn up for some of those. Of course, there’s also the obligatory “Networking events” in the evenings I’ll probably go along to as well. 
If you’re at Macworld this week, be sure to say hello!