ScreenCastsOnline Academy Launch

A supplementary service to the ScreenCastsOnline membership has just been launched – ScreenCastsOnline Academy
The ScreenCastsOnline Academy is not intended to replace a ScreenCastsOnline membership – it’s something slightly different, targeted at a completely different audience.

The premise is that the ScreenCastsOnline Academy will provide packaged sets of tutorials with specific themes. Instead of requiring a membership, the packaged tutorials will be priced as a one off purchase. Pay once, get access to the tutorials via the ScreenCastsOnline Academy website.

First Tutorial Package – Let’s Learn iWork

The first tutorial package has just been published. These are 13 video tutorials covering the current versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote for both Mac and iOS, and repackaged it as “Let’s Learn iWork”.

It’s available for sale now (but check at the end of the post for a discount coupon).

There will be additional tutorial packages eventually, but all the tutorials will be available to ScreenCastsOnline members via the usual ScreenCastsOnline website.

I would like to stress again that these aren’t new tutorials, they are the same as the ones published via the usual ScreenCastsOnline membership – it’s just that they are now available together and in one place and for a single one-off payment.

So I Don’t Need A ScreenCastsOnline Membership?

The ScreenCastsOnline Academy is absolutely not intended as a replacement for a full ScreenCastsOnline membership. It’s still more cost-effective to take out a full standard membership, and the the Academy will only have a fraction of the content available to full members.

But there are a number of people who really don’t want a full blown membership, and the limited selection of tutorials via the Academy along with the one-off purchase price, will probably fulfil their limited needs.

To save any confusion, I’ve created a separate website for the ScreenCastsOnline Academy and will keep it separate from the ScreenCastsOnline Membership site – for now at least.

Special Discount for “Lets’ Learn iWork

If you’re curious and want to check out the new service, visit ScreenCastsOnline Academy and if you want to try out the “Let’s Learn iWork” tutorial package, here’s a discount code for 40% off the launch price… just use 40off during checkout.

As a favour, If you know someone who might not want a membership, but would benefit from 5 hours of tutorials on Pages, Numbers and Keynote, why not send them the link and the discount code!

Updated Setup Page

Following many requests, I’ve updated my setup page on the blog and re-published it, bringing it back up to date and identifying many of the elements shown on the blog header image.

You can find the updated page via the menu on the blog, or via this link.

Just a couple of points – The Panasonic GH4 camera is brand new and as a total photography newbie, it’s early days. Starting to get to grips with it but I mainly acquired it as a way into 4K video. I’ll be exploring more as I get to grips with it and will keep you informed of progress.

You may notice that the original Mackie audio mixer and external audio gear is now unlisted. I’ve moved over to processing my audio for the show using software rather that external audio hardware – Audio Hijack Pro as a live noise gate and Adobe Audition 2014 for post processing. It remains to be seen if I continue doing that, or if I go back to using external gear.

The Apollo Twin audio interface is currently unplugged as I’ve been having crashes when trying to use it with ScreenFlow – I’m using the Onyx Blackmagic USB interface for now until I can get to the bottom of the crashing problem.




A Daily Post?

I’ve now finished tweaking the new blog… at least for today!

I’m really impressed with the amount of functionality baked into WordPress these days. The number of themes are mind-blowing and the plugin architecture really seems to extend the functionality considerably.

Now that I’ve got things as I like it, it’s time to consider exactly what I’ll be blogging about, and to find the true voice of the blog. Even though I’ve now located the blog on the website, I don’t want to just restrict things to ScreenCastsOnline related topics.

So I’ll be covering a multitude of topics, but obviously with a Mac or Apple related focus – but not exclusively.

I’ll also use the blog as a platform to talk about my G.A.S – Gear Acquisition Syndrome especially now as I’ve been bitten by acquiring some decent video equipment…

Anyhow, expect to find various musings, meanderings, thoughts, links and if I’m up to it, the occasional video blog.

To get myself started I’m going to set myself the task of creating at least one new blog post a day, at least for the next month or so.

We’ll see!

One final thing, I’ll be using the built-in cross posting features of WordPress to cross-post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Path and Google+. Initially as an experiment to see just how it goes. I could just leave it as an RSS promoted blog, but people seem to have many different preferences on how they want to discover stuff, so I’m going for the scatter-gun approach!

A New Home

It’s been a while but I’ve decided to start blogging again!

My previous blog was over at but I haven’t blogged regularly for the past nine months. This is probably due to the launch of the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine and the need to create content for that, but really, I should start blogging a bit more regularly.

I’ve made some changes in that I’ve copied all the original posts from my previous blog into the new blog, but I’ve decided to switch off comments on all new posts from this point on.

You can still respond using Twitter, Google+ or via your own blog, but many people seem to have good things to say about removing comments, and if it’s good enough for John Gruber and Matt Gemmell,  who am I to argue.

I’ll follow my usual format of posting about Apple news, updates to ScreenCastsOnline and anything else that takes my fancy.

Please feel free to subscribe to the full RSS feed in your favourite RSS reader!

ScreenCastsOnline Affiliate – Reboot

I’ve run a fairly low key affiliate partner program for a while, but haven’t really promoted it very much since the new website was launched.

For the uninitiated, an affiliate program is just a way of rewarding people who recommend the service to friends, colleagues and family. Basically, you register as an affiliate, and I provide a unique referral link for you to give out whenever you recommend ScreenCastsOnline. If someone subsequently signs on as a member after using your link, you’ll get some commission.

With the newly redesigned website, the huge archive of ScreenCastsOnline tutorials, the simplified membership structure and the new complimentary subscription to the ScreenCastsOnline magazine, more people are recommending ScreenCastsOnline than ever before.

So I’ve decided to reboot the ScreenCastsOnline Affiliate Partner program, and would invite you to take part.

I had some banner ads created a while ago, but they are starting to show their age and needed a refresh, plus I’ve decided to be a bit more generous on the commission paid for referrals!

Firstly, I’ve commissioned some new banner ads and very smart they are too!


All of these banner ads are available via the affiliate website. It’s really easy to set them up by simply copying and pasting the provided HTML code snippets to your blog or website. Links to the images and your referral code are already included for you.

Second thing I’ve done is to increase the affiliate commission to 50%.

So now, if anyone joins up as a member as a result of your affiliate link, you could receive up to $35 for each annual membership, or up to $12.50 for each quarterly membership (for the initial membership period only).

You don’t necessarily need to have a website or blog to become an Affiliate Partner, as I also provide simple text links that you can send via email or embed in replies to blog posts or forum signatures etc.

If you think you’d like to register and become a ScreenCastsOnline Affiliate Partner (it’s free and you don’t even have to be a ScreenCastsOnline member), you can learn more about it and register here.