Writing A Novel with Ulysses – eBook: David Hewson

I published the second and final (for now) tutorial about the fantastic writing app – Ulysses – over on ScreenCastsOnline and also available in the iOS and Apple TV SCO Showcase App.

In this slightly more advanced video tutorial, I delve into splitting, re-arranging and merging sheets when dealing with more complex writing tasks, as well as customising your writing environment.

One of the really impressive features of Ulysses is that you can use it for creating anything from a simple note to a blog post, a research paper, or even a novel.

book imageIf you need to have a deeper understanding of how you can use Ulysses for more complex writing tasks, I discovered this inexpensive eBook from David Hewson:

Kindle Version

iBooks Version

This is a fantastic resource and a great supplement to the two ScreenCastsOnline video tutorials if you really want to get an in-depth understanding of Ulysses.

It covers most of the basic mechanics of the app, but has a writers perspective on how to use the app creatively. As well as a novel, it also includes guidance on writing a Film or TV script.

So check out the video tutorials to get a feel for the App and to see it in action, then get David’s book to fully understand how you might use it in your workflow.

Highly recommended!

New Videos From ScreenCastsOnline

If you’re a regular ScreenCastsOnline viewer, you’ll know that the usual weekly tutorials are very much screencasts only. By that, I mean that the tutorials are purely captures of the desktop, iPad or iPhone screen, with my narration over the top. I’ve seen some other screencasts where the presenter thinks it necessary to have a little Picture in Picture of themselves presenting the tutorial. Totally un-necessary and distracting if you ask me!

But I’ve decided to have a bit of a change and come out of hiding to face the camera…

Don’t worry, I’m not taking the Picture in Picture approach during the usual weekly screencasts. They will continue to be screencasts only, with my dulcet tones guiding you through the weekly in-depth topic.

No, I’ve decided to try a new experiment, and do a couple of extra videos each week.

New Preview Videos

I’m changing the format of the usual preview videos – these have primarily been just slides describing the content contained in the weekly tutorials. From this week onwards, you’ll find me on screen describing the content of the weekly shows. The first weekly preview is now available in all its glory – check out the nice new shorter opening!

New Hints and Tips Videos

The second new video format is something brand new…

I’ll be publishing a completely separate weekly video covering simple Apple related hints and tips, responding to questions, venting my spleen and generally being more reactive and spontaneous to what’s happening in the Apple space. This new video is in addition to the standard weekly tutorial and will be available for free to all. There’s absolutely no change to the standard ScreenCastsOnline membership which will still bring you your 45 minute in-depth screencast each week. If you’re not a member, you really need to check it out!

The new hints and tips video will be short, probably no more than 5 – 10 minutes each week and available via a multitude of sources.

You’ll find it over on my YouTube channel, as well as via the usual Social Media suspects – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

I’ll also include the new Hints and Tips Videos in the SCO Showcase App for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV, as well as the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine – phew!

It’s early days so things are just starting to formulate but the first preview video is available now and the first “hints and tips” video should be available in the next day or so. Subscribe to the YouTube channel or download the SCO Showcase App to get a notification when it’s published.

Please do check it out when it’s available and leave me any comments over on YouTube or Twitter. If you have any questions you’d like me to respond to in future episodes, any suggestions on what you like covered, again, leave them on YouTube, Twitter or email me directly at [email protected]

I’m hoping to get the first new Hints and Tips video out tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!


Oh yeah, people see my stuff!

It’s very easy to get involved in the overall production process of creating video tutorials for ScreenCastsOnline.com

I’ve evolved and refinded the process over the last 10 years from just me doing everything, to a small team of people who all do different parts of the post production process. The end game is to create top quality video tutorials on all things Apple and ship them out to ScreenCastsOnline members as well as numerous other channels of distribution. In doing so, I’ve been fortunate to turn my hobby into a full time business.

So, just like many other Friday mornings, I completed the process of creating this week’s episode (1Password for Families) and pushed the button to make it available via the ScreenCastsOnline Website, via my members Apple TV App, and for individual purchase via the SCO Showcase App on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

I thought no more about it and turned to fleshing out the details of the next episode. After 30 minutes or so, I thought I’d have a slight diversion by checking out Facebook.

The first thing I see…

Apple Watch

A post showing an image of a notification on an Apple Watch telling someone that that this week’s episode had been published in the SCO Showcase App.

I already know that each episode is seen by many thousands of people each week, but that single image shook me.

Yeah, when I publish stuff, people see it.

It’s sometimes good to remember that!

The notification was produced by the SCO Showcase App available in the App Store or via the Apple TV. It allows non-members to purchase individual tutorials, no membership or subscription required. There’s some free content in there too! We’re working on a separate members iOS App which should be out soon. 

ScreenCastsOnline Academy Launch

A supplementary service to the ScreenCastsOnline membership has just been launched – ScreenCastsOnline Academy
The ScreenCastsOnline Academy is not intended to replace a ScreenCastsOnline membership – it’s something slightly different, targeted at a completely different audience.

The premise is that the ScreenCastsOnline Academy will provide packaged sets of tutorials with specific themes. Instead of requiring a membership, the packaged tutorials will be priced as a one off purchase. Pay once, get access to the tutorials via the ScreenCastsOnline Academy website.

First Tutorial Package – Let’s Learn iWork

The first tutorial package has just been published. These are 13 video tutorials covering the current versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote for both Mac and iOS, and repackaged it as “Let’s Learn iWork”.

It’s available for sale now (but check at the end of the post for a discount coupon).

There will be additional tutorial packages eventually, but all the tutorials will be available to ScreenCastsOnline members via the usual ScreenCastsOnline website.

I would like to stress again that these aren’t new tutorials, they are the same as the ones published via the usual ScreenCastsOnline membership – it’s just that they are now available together and in one place and for a single one-off payment.

So I Don’t Need A ScreenCastsOnline Membership?

The ScreenCastsOnline Academy is absolutely not intended as a replacement for a full ScreenCastsOnline membership. It’s still more cost-effective to take out a full standard membership, and the the Academy will only have a fraction of the content available to full members.

But there are a number of people who really don’t want a full blown membership, and the limited selection of tutorials via the Academy along with the one-off purchase price, will probably fulfil their limited needs.

To save any confusion, I’ve created a separate website for the ScreenCastsOnline Academy and will keep it separate from the ScreenCastsOnline Membership site – for now at least.

Special Discount for “Lets’ Learn iWork

If you’re curious and want to check out the new service, visit ScreenCastsOnline Academy and if you want to try out the “Let’s Learn iWork” tutorial package, here’s a discount code for 40% off the launch price… just use 40off during checkout.

As a favour, If you know someone who might not want a membership, but would benefit from 5 hours of tutorials on Pages, Numbers and Keynote, why not send them the link and the discount code!

Updated Setup Page

Following many requests, I’ve updated my setup page on the blog and re-published it, bringing it back up to date and identifying many of the elements shown on the blog header image.

You can find the updated page via the menu on the blog, or via this link.

Just a couple of points – The Panasonic GH4 camera is brand new and as a total photography newbie, it’s early days. Starting to get to grips with it but I mainly acquired it as a way into 4K video. I’ll be exploring more as I get to grips with it and will keep you informed of progress.

You may notice that the original Mackie audio mixer and external audio gear is now unlisted. I’ve moved over to processing my audio for the show using software rather that external audio hardware – Audio Hijack Pro as a live noise gate and Adobe Audition 2014 for post processing. It remains to be seen if I continue doing that, or if I go back to using external gear.

The Apollo Twin audio interface is currently unplugged as I’ve been having crashes when trying to use it with ScreenFlow – I’m using the Onyx Blackmagic USB interface for now until I can get to the bottom of the crashing problem.