Podcamp Barcelona in iProng magazine

http___www.iprong.com_magazine_iProngMagazineIssue26.pdf.pngFollowing my recent trip to Barcelona to speak at the Podcamp, Bill Palmer from iProng magazine asked me to do a short write up of the event.

Only to happy to oblige and the edition including my section (with some photos) has now been published.

You can get a direct link to the PDF or even better subscribe via iTunes.

PS Thanks to Chris Pinchen and Mark Pendleton for the photos, unfortunately, the photo attribution didn’t get included in the article.

For info:

Picture 1: Chris Pinchen and myself during one of my sessions (note: Had I known they were going to blow it up that big, I’d have supplied a high res version! Photo by Mark Pendleton

Picture 2: Going round the table from left to right. Mark Pendleton, Ben Curtis, David Allen. Photo by Chris Pinchen

Picture 3: Podcamp Logo: Designed by mark Pendleton (Multi Lingual, Photographer and Graphic Designer – makes you sick doesn’t it – plus he’s a musician too!)

Picture 4: Late lunch in El Masnou – Picture by Mark Pendleton

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Ding! I Get FaceBook

Ok, so it took me a while and the process was a little bit painful, but I finally get FaceBook!

In case you don’t know (!), FaceBook is (yet another) social networking tool/community.

Yes, I know, not another one 🙂

But after playing with it for a month or two, it’s providing to be surprising useful and also pretty addictive. There are elements of overlap with other tools but what is providing to be the clincher for me is the availability of plugins or applications for FaceBook that allows the sharing of data from other services based on your configuarion but more importantly, based on what friends you have and what information they are sharing.

I’ve now got friends from the blogosphere, podcasting, family, local businesses and those who are geographically local to me all mixed in and it’s becoming quite a centralised pool of information. Only this morning, I added the upcoming application into my FaceBook account and found three events local to me that I was not aware of, automagically!

It’s not the most obvious tool to get your head round but I think it deserves a screencast in the coming weeks on how to set it up and I’ll demonstrate what sort of uses, I’m putting it to.

If you want to join FaceBook in the meantime and checkout my public profile, you can find me at:

Dons FaceBook Profile

To see all my profile, my friends and the applications I currently using, you’ll need to register and start your own FaceBook account and add me as a friend. It’s free and you never know, you might like it!

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