Venturing into the unknown…

As I mentioned in my recent appearance on The Bro Show Podcast, I’ve never really had chance to play with an Android device. In fact, the only Android phone I’ve ever laid hands on was Leo Laportes G1 phone when I visited the Twit cottage, many moons ago!

I had a quick play with the Samsung Galaxy Tab in a local store recently, but the experience was hampered by the lack of internet plus, it was bolted to the desk.

Not really a fair way to appreciate it or to review it!

I have to admit to feeling a little embarrased about the situation, especially when asked onto various podcasts and the subject of Android and more frequently, tablets comes up.

The issue has always been that I really didn’t want to buy an Android device with a contract, heck, I’m already paying for my iPhone data plus a 3G SIM for mobile broadband. Another contract was never on the cards.

However, a little birdie (OK @theiBlog on Twitter) retweeted a link to a new Android device available in the UK – The Commtiva N700 – for just £299 no contract!


I’ve ordered one to educate myself on the differences between the Android device (this one runs Froyo) and the iPad. It will be interesting to compare and contrast the functionality, performance and form factor (the N700 is a 7″ device).

It should arrive on Monday, so I’ll keep you informed!