Windows 7 and Multi Touch

Well it comes as no real surprise that Microsoft have got the old copier machines working in Redmond again.

This video demo shows Windows 7 working on a modified PC laptop:

NB There is no sound until later in the video

A couple of things:

I wonder what patents are being infringed following the announcement at the iPhone launch that Apple have applied for over 200 patents on the iPhone and multitouch technologies?

Do I really want to smear my fingerprints all over my main display on my desktop computer?

Do the ergonomics of using touch screens on a primary display really work?

Given that this isn’t due to be available until late 2009 (but based on Microsofts track record, you may want to add another year or so on that) and OSX already has multitouch built in (iPhone, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro), how far advanced will OSX be when Windows 7 finally hits the street.

Don’t you find it fascinating that Microsoft have decided to release this video less than two weeks before the announcements at WWDC!

Do they know something we don’t?

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