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Luminar for iPad

Date: 14th June 2024

Duration: 29:56

Show ref: SCOM1369

There are many photo editors on the market for iPad and each has their own set of features. Luminar for iPad is an application that adds enough features for doing some amazing edits on your photos but does so in style with a unique editing interface that includes dials, scroll wheels, and other create ways to use the touch screen interface with some analogue-like interfaces. In this screencast, Todd walks through three typical workflows that any photographer might use to see how Luminar for iPad shapes up to the competition.

Tip - BetterMouse

Date: 11th June 2024

Duration: 11:30

Show ref: SCOM1368

In this episode Darcy explores the deep scroll, cursor, button and keyboard customisations offered by BetterMouse. Use this simple and affordable utility to fine-tune your scrolling and cursor speed, acceleration and smoothness. Then go on to assign hotkeys to the extra buttons on your mouse and make new ones for your system as a whole. There is a lot more you can do with BetterMouse and Darcy goes through several more useful tips in this video.

UniFi Express

Date: 7th June 2024

Duration: 36:53

Show ref: SCOM1367

Following on from years of frustration with an unreliable and outdated home Wi-Fi network, Don has upgraded to a new UniFi powered system using a number of inexpensive UniFi Express access points. More commonly used in large scale, professional network setups, UniFi have introduced a low-cost yet powerful device which is an all in one cloud gateway, firewall and Wi-Fi access point.

Supporting up to 4 additional devices, the UnFi Express is a superb way to provide and extend your WiFi network at home or in a small office. Join Don as he sets up a new UniFi system and shows you many of its features and benefits along the way.

Tip - Actions for Obsidian

Date: 4th June 2024

Duration: 08:14

Show ref: SCOM1366

Obsidian is great, but lacks deep integration with Apple's Shortcuts application. Actions for Obsidian fixes by adding over 50 actions that turn Obsidian into a first-class Shortcuts citizen.

In this short video, Mike shows you how to set it up and walks you through his daily journaling workflow which makes good use of Actions for Obsidian in Shortcuts.


Date: 31st May 2024

Duration: 24:38

Show ref: SCOM1365

When it comes to air travel, it’s important to stay informed about your flights and related information as you make your way to your destination. Flighty brings together various sources of information into one place, significantly simplifying the flight experience. Forward your booking email straight into the app to get started, save your seating information and receive live updates about changes and delays along your journey. There are many more features in this app, so join Darcy as your guide and discover the many benefits to having Flighty take care of managing your air travel.

Tip - Mastering the iOS Keyboard

Date: 28th May 2024

Duration: 10:02

Show ref: SCOM1364

Everyone who uses an iPhone has to negotiate the keyboard from time to time and sometimes it can feel laborious. However there are some little-known tricks available that will elevate your typing skills and help you master your device. Whether it's discovering new keyboards or the hidden trackpad feature for precise cursor movement, this video from Lee is worth ten minutes of your time.

Obsidian Canvas

Date: 24th May 2024

Duration: 27:06

Show ref: SCOM1363

Infinite canvas apps are great for brainstorming and idea development, but they become even more powerful when you link them to your existing library of notes. In this screencast, Mike walks you through using Obsidian Canvas to make more of your notes and ideas inside your Obsidian vault.

You learn about the basic features, including the different types of media that can be added to Obsidian Canvas. Mike also introduces you to a few Community Plugins that make Obsidian Canvas even more useful.

Tip - Keyboard Maestro and App Management

Date: 21st May 2024

Duration: 08:18

Show ref: SCOM1362

In episode 1361, Lee demonstrated some of his project management workflows, allowing you to peek behind the scenes and offer some inspiration for those who struggle to keep their notes organised.

In this short follow-up, you learn about an additional workflow that improves your efficiency when communicating with a colleague or member of your team. This Keyboard Maestro Macro allows you to open your note-taking application and task manager at the same time, with a list of tasks you've assigned to them. As an added bonus, Lee shows you how to assign this to a Stream Deck device.

How Lee Manages Projects

Date: 17th May 2024

Duration: 39:16

Show ref: SCOM1361

When Lee appeared as a special guest on the Mac Power Users podcast, he talked about his Project Management workflows and how he uses his Mac to keep all the plates spinning.  In this video, Lee builds on that to help visualise the process.  You see how he is able to set up processes and systems for management using tools like OmniFocus, Obisidian, DEVONthink and Anybox, along with a few other utilities.  You also get a high-level overview of how he leverages MindNode, OmniOutliner and OmniPlan to plan a project effectively from start to finish.It's very much a high-level peek into some processes that you may find useful in your own work and projects.

Tip - App Lock

Date: 14th May 2024

Duration: 09:53

Show ref: SCOM1360

App Lock takes app security and privacy to a whole new level of control.  Integrating with Screen Time, you can manually block apps from being accessible or hide them entirely.  With scheduling built in you can control when apps are visible, when you can access them, and for how long. Top it all off with switch controls to prevent new app downloads, deleting apps, changing cellular settings or altering your password and you've got the ultimate security app. Darcy takes you on a complete tour of App Lock in this short video.

Find Any File

Date: 10th May 2024

Duration: 27:07

Show ref: SCOM1359

Find Any File lets you search for files on your disk in ways that Spotlight can’t. It uses the system driver’s fast search operations and lets you search for file properties and inside bundles and packages that are normally hidden. You can think of it as a way to augment Spotlight when searching for files on your system.

In this episode, Allison goes deep on Find Any File and reveals its power with several useful examples.

Tip - Soulver Mini

Date: 7th May 2024

Duration: 10:24

Show ref: SCOM1358

Soulver is a feature-rich calculator app that allows you to do simple and complex calculations on many objects. Simple arithmetic, percentages, unit and currency conversions, date calculations, and much more. With Soulver Mini, this functionality is brought front and centre via a Spotlight-style panel, which is activated by a menu bar icon or global keystroke.

In this screencast, Don does a quick review of Soulver basics before introducing its little brother, and demonstrating its capabilities. If you have a Setapp subscription, you have access to all versions of Soulver.

Keynote on Mac

Date: 3rd May 2024

Duration: 30:42

Show ref: SCOM1357

Keynote like many of the stock Apple applications just keeps getting better over time.  With a significant amount of new features launching since our last video, we thought it was time to take a fresh look at the Mac version.  Join Darcy as he walks you through the basics of creating a presentation in Keynote, as well as some recently added enhancements to the app.

Tip - Using FaceTime

Date: 30th April 2024

Duration: 11:54

Show ref: SCOM1356

FaceTime has had a number of incremental updates over the years, with new features being added that can easily slip under the radar. In this video, Lee walks you through how to send FaceTime links to non-Apple users, leave video voicemails, and pep up your calls with Reactions.

Shortcuts Gallery

Date: 26th April 2024

Duration: 33:18

Show ref: SCOM1355

If you are looking to get into automating actions on your Apple device, Shortcuts is a wonderful Apple utility. However, many people are deterred by the learning curve that comes with it. That doesn't have to be the case though: the Shortcuts Gallery has a large number of ready-made shortcuts for you to download and use right away.

In this video, Lee briefly runs through the components of a shortcut before entering the Gallery and showing you how to search, download and run some useful, real-world examples. You experience shortcuts that can adjust the volume to specific levels on your Mac, send emails to yourself, organise your app windows, and more.

If you are unsure about Shortcuts and want to know more without being overwhelmed with configuring them, this is the video for you.

Tip - Passkeys Explained

Date: 23rd April 2024

Duration: 09:49

Show ref: SCOM1354

Many websites and services are now offering passkeys instead of the more traditional username and password combination as a way to authenticate and log in to their site. Passkeys offer many benefits including higher security and faster login. The best thing is you don't have to remember anything. Passkeys are unique and stored on your local device for instant login and authentication.

In this episode, Don explains what passkeys are, and follows up with a demonstration using 1Password as a passkey manager. You also learn how Apple has integrated passkeys when you log in to your Apple ID on recent iOS and macOS versions.

Calendar on Mac

Date: 19th April 2024

Duration: 40:26

Show ref: SCOM1353

Continuing our focus on the apps we get as part of our operating systems, this week we are looking at Calendar on the Mac. There is no shortage of third-party calendar applications to tempt us, and it's true that many of them are compelling and offer unique power user features along with beautiful, modern interfaces. However if you need an application that is reliable, connects with a large number of calendar providers, and interacts with other built-in applications like Mail and Contacts, then you need only look at Apple's Calendar app.

In this video, you learn about all of the main features with Lee as your guide, from the basics of event entry and management, all the way to configuring time-to-leave alerts as well as printing full-size planners.

Tip - Reflector 4

Date: 16th April 2024

Duration: 08:08

Show ref: SCOM1352

There are lots of options for mirroring your iOS devices to your Mac, but few let you connect wirelessly. Reflector not only gives you quality screen mirroring without a cable, but it also lets you mirror multiple devices at once. In this episode, Mike shows you how to set up and use Reflector 4.

Craft Updates

Date: 12th April 2024

Duration: 28:12

Show ref: SCOM1351

Craft is a fantastic tool for writing and organising information in a variety of ways. It is an app that gets frequent updates so it can be challenging to keep up with all that is new and improved. In this week's tutorial, Don takes you through most of the updates released in the last 12 months, that make Craft even more attractive than before.

Tip - Using Siri and Shortcuts with Notes

Date: 9th April 2024

Duration: 08:15

Show ref: SCOM1350

This short video complements shows 1341 and 1343, Lee's deep dive into Apple Notes. There are a few commands you can use with Siri to create, find, and read your notes, and Lee shows you how this is done here. There is also one feature that has been unavailable since iOS 16 and that's the ability to append to a note. There is a simple workaround using Shortcuts however, and you learn about it in this video.