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Tip - Callsheet

Date: 3rd October 2023

Duration: 11:02

Show ref: SCOM1296

When watching movies or TV Programmes, if you are like Lee, you will often find yourselves asking questions about the actors.

"What have I seen them in before?''

"I wonder what else they have coming up?"

Or perhaps you want to know how many series of a particular show there are, or when it was released? iMDB is a common go-to location to get this info, however the interface can be clunky and us full of adverts, or information you don't need. Casey Liss has released Callsheet, a great application that deals with this issue. In this video, you learn how to search for shows, films and actors as well as look at features like Where To Watch, that shows you on which networks or streaming platforms it can be viewed.

Tip - BetterTouchTool

Date: 29th September 2023

Duration: 08:04

Show ref: SCOM1295

Mike shows you how to set up a Hyper Key in BetterTouchTool so that the Caps Lock key simulates pressing all four modifier keys at once. With this special key configured, he shares a couple of examples of using it to create keyboard shortcuts with Keyboard Maestro. You also learn how to set up a Magic Trackpad gesture as another way to trigger an automation using BetterTouchTool.

Tip - Widgets and Sync in Marvis

Date: 26th September 2023

Duration: 11:26

Show ref: SCOM1294

In show 1285, Lee took the plunge and covered Marvis Pro, arguably the most detailed and configurable Apple Music player you can get. In this tip video, he shows you how to configure widgets that point to the different sections of your Marvis Pro library, as well as sync all of your settings between iPad and iPhone.

macOS Sonoma Preview

Date: 22nd September 2023

Duration: 32:15

Show ref: SCOM1293

Don takes you through some of the new features of the latest Mac operating system from Apple. This new release, called Sonoma, focuses on performance and stability with some great new additions and enhancements to some of Apple's built-in applications. Many of these macOS features are also available on iOS and iPadOS, but in this show Don points his lens squarely at the Mac.

watchOS 10 Update

Date: 19th September 2023

Duration: 27:31

Show ref: SCOM1292

Each year, a new version of watchOS is released, yet to date, the overall look and feel of the operating system has remained largely unchanged.

However, watchOS 10 is very different. With an overhaul of the interface, it's sleeker, faster and makes a lot more use of the dimensions of your watch face, with full-screen apps. Smart Stack allows you to quickly access widgets from either the Digital Crown or swiping up from the bottom of the watch face.

In this video, Lee walks you through the new layout and showcases some of the more impressive app redesigns.

iOS and iPadOS 17

Date: 15th September 2023

Duration: 32:14

Show ref: SCOM1291

Announced at WWDC and released on September 18, it’s time to explore iOS and iPadOS 17! Many improvements and new features have made it to this version, but with the exception of the new StandBy mode for iPhone and Lock Screen upgrades for iPad, many of these come as single but significant updates to individual apps and services. Watch along as Darcy explores changes to Siri, offline maps, the new contact cards, Safari Profiles, and much more.

Tip - Bear for iPad

Date: 12th September 2023

Duration: 11:39

Show ref: SCOM1290

In show 1281, Lee covered Bear 2.0 on macOS, showing off some of the new features that bring it back up as a serious contender once more in the crowded note-taking space.

As taking notes on iPad is a wonderful experience, Lee show you how you can use Bear on the go, sync it to your iCloud account and secure it on a mobile device, whilst using your Apple Pencil to write and draw.

Goodnotes 6

Date: 8th September 2023

Duration: 29:03

Show ref: SCOM1289

Goodnotes is out with a major new version that adds AI superpowers to an already phenomenal analog note-taking app. In this visual tour of of what's new in Goodnotes 6, Mike walks you through the fancy new features like analog spellchecking, Word Complete, and AI Math Assistance, so you can decide for yourself if it's worth the upgrade.

Tip - Chronicling

Date: 5th September 2023

Duration: 12:12

Show ref: SCOM1288

Chronicling takes habit and activity tracking quite simply to new heights. Darcy shows you how easy it is to automatically track the amount of times you use certain apps, go shopping or even walk the dog. Using a mixture of in-app design and the built-in Shortcuts app, Chronicling prides itself on providing a simplistic yet thorough approach to tracking across all your Apple devices.

Peakto for Mac

Date: 1st September 2023

Duration: 30:58

Show ref: SCOM1287

If you love to take photos and have done so for a while, it's likely that they're spread out in a bunch of different places: on your Mac, on external drives or within a specific photo application, like Apple's Photos or maybe Lightroom.Peakto by CYME software focuses on bringing all of those sources under one roof, and gives you the tools to manage that collection. Like so many other apps these days, Machine Learning is a bit part of its experience, especially when searching through your various catalogs. If you have trouble organizing your photos, Peakto may be just what you need. Join Todd as he guides you through its many features.

Tip - Quick Actions on macOS

Date: 29th August 2023

Duration: 09:02

Show ref: SCOM1286

Covering apps and utilities is great but sometimes it's nice to dive under the hood and look at something that's been with us for a while, but may not have noticed or used at all.

Quick Actions in macOS are accessed via a contextual menu within Finder and allow you to access some tools for manipulating image and movie files, as well as access Shortcuts and Automator actions. Lee shows you how to both access and customise this menu, as well as add Shortcuts actions to it, allowing you to get to your favourite tools quickly.

Marvis Pro

Date: 25th August 2023

Duration: 36:56

Show ref: SCOM1285

Marvis Pro has been a popular Apple Music player for power users for a number of years now. Due to the level of complexity that you can go into with the app, Lee has always given it a wide berth. Until now.

Marvis Pro allows you to tailor your Apple Music experience to your own liking, allowing you to create your own sections, groups, tabs and even redesign your Home Page so it only shows the music you want to see. In this video, Lee teaches you all of the basics required to start using Marvis Pro.

Tip - Properties in Obsidian

Date: 22nd August 2023

Duration: 11:20

Show ref: SCOM1284

Our resident Obsidian expert is back! This time around, Mike explains how the new Properties feature can help in your day to day use of Obsidian by making it a breeze to add more information in the form of mediate to your notes. Properties does this in an intuitive and interactive way. You also learn how to display that information in the sidebar.


Date: 18th August 2023

Duration: 25:02

Show ref: SCOM1283

Previously covered in 2017 by Todd, Curio has received a lot of updates over the years. Today Darcy takes you through many of them and shows you how one of the most robust researching apps on the market has become even better. Learn more about journalling, working with PDFs in multiple spaces, tagging, using web archives in your work, syncing figures, and so much more.

Tip - Umbrel Home Server

Date: 15th August 2023

Duration: 12:08

Show ref: SCOM1282

Umbrel have recently released a small, compact powerful home server to host a run your own services in a de-centralised and self-sovereign way. With a beautiful UI, the Umbrel Home Server is optimised for both performance as well as ease of use.

UmbrelOS is based on Linux and allows you to run the server with no keyboard or monitor - just plug it in and access it from your browser. In this video, Don takes you through the initial setup of the Umbrel Home Server, and illustrates its ease of use by setting up a Bitcoin node. You also learn about some of the other apps available in the Umbrel App Store.

Revisiting Bear

Date: 11th August 2023

Duration: 31:51

Show ref: SCOM1281

After receiving an Apple Design Award in 2016 on its first release, Bear has seen a lot of competition from other Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) applications.

With a re-engineered design, Bear 2.0 is here and it's added a number of features that fans of the app have been asking for. These include tables, nested Styles, folding of text and auto-hiding Markdown when it's typed. Add to that support for footnotes, link and PDF previews, image resizing, and more. This is a worthy update and Lee walks you through it in this screencast.

Tip - Calculate Anything for Alfred

Date: 8th August 2023

Duration: 11:06

Show ref: SCOM1280

There are a number of different workflows that you can install with Alfred, the popular app launcher for macOS. However, one in particular has caught Lee's eye and he uses it on a daily basis to carry out currency conversions, date calculations, weight conversions and more. Calculate Anything is a versatile utility and in this video, Lee shows you how to install it, alongside the dependencies it requires to work. You also get a sneak peek into how the new Alfred Gallery will work when installing workflows.


Date: 4th August 2023

Duration: 21:23

Show ref: SCOM1279

Elephas uses the power of ChatGPT with its own customisations to help users with all their writing needs. It offers features such as intelligently generating press releases, marketing material and email responses, with minimal information provided. Darcy shows you in this screencast how the app goes beyond robot replies and truly generates writing that feels like it's from a real person. Whether you're using it for work or take advantage of its powerful smart brain to index and query your own PDFs, Elephas has you covered.

Tip - Shift

Date: 1st August 2023

Duration: 09:07

Show ref: SCOM1278

Shift provides people with complex workflows requiring many apps a platform to combine them all. In this video Darcy showcases how to add accounts from Slack, Dropbox, Airtable and more into a streamlined interface, allowing you to increase ease of access between them and a more focused environment for your projects. Shift is a great way to declutter your desktop of windows by bundling them all together into one, with dozens of apps available to integrate. You also learn how to add extensions within Shift.


Date: 28th July 2023

Duration: 32:26

Show ref: SCOM1277

Shottr is an extremely powerful screenshot tool that comes at a surprisingly low cost. Whilst it has a lot of the usual tools to capture and annotate that you'd expect, it also has advanced features such as the ability to blur or completely erase areas or even just the text. It also has optical character recognition to copy text from images, and it can read QR codes for you. If you're a web or app developer, you can measure elements in screenshots, find their pixel color values, and more.

Shottr can create scrolling screenshots to capture long web pages and other long-form elements. The annotations in Shottr are pretty and somehow playful without being silly. It's filled with keyboard shortcuts to make you as efficient as you want to be in taking screenshots and annotating them.