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Bartender 5

Date: 1st December 2023

Duration: 26:54

Show ref: SCOM1313

Bartender 5 is required for macOS 14 (Sonoma) and also comes with big improvements in capability. You can now create Profiles for the different contexts in which you work, and you can set up automations with Triggers based on apps, battery, location, WiFi network, time, and even scripts.Allison demonstrates how all of this works, and also shows you how this version of Bartender lets you style your menu bars like never before.

Tip - Actions

Date: 28th November 2023

Duration: 08:27

Show ref: SCOM1312

A partner to Timepage, the app Darcy covered in last week's tip, Actions by Moleskine takes the same simplified approach and applies it to tasks. Join Darcy as he showcases creating and editing actions, saving them for later with lists or scheduling them within your calendar. Actions integrates directly with Timepage, giving you direct access to your events and actions.

Default Folder X

Date: 24th November 2023

Duration: 39:06

Show ref: SCOM1311

One thing all macOS users have in common is the need to interact with Finder when opening and saving files. Sometimes, the process of finding either the source folder for opening, or the destination one for saving can be laborious, involving a lot of pointing and clicking. Default Folder X allows you to streamline this experience, by sending you to default locations depending on the application or extension you are saving.

As well as this, Default Folder X now comes bundled with a Quick Search function, for getting to files, folders and applications quickly. Join Lee as he shows you around this long-standing feature-rich utility on the Mac.

Tip - Timepage

Date: 21st November 2023

Duration: 12:10

Show ref: SCOM1310

In the first of two tip shows on apps designed by Moleskine Studio, Darcy walks you through Timepage, their calendar app. It brings a simplified approach to creating calendar events and their clever UI helps untangle multiple calendars into single views quickly and easily. With a wealth of alert and scheduling features, Timepage may very well take the place of your current calendar management application.


Date: 17th November 2023

Duration: 23:12

Show ref: SCOM1309

With the rise of Neo banks, users have become acutely aware of how a well-designed app can change their financial organisation and knowledge. But for those who don’t have access to modern-day banking features, MoneyCoach provides a convenient way to track your Apple Pay expenses, recurring payments, as well as income. Join Darcy as he guides you through the app, both on iPad and iPhone, and show you how to set up a budget and use widgets to facilitate entering transactions.

Tip - Tailscale

Date: 14th November 2023

Duration: 13:49

Show ref: SCOM1308

Using Tailscale, you can connect any device securely and easily by creating your own private virtual network. Unlike traditional VPN services, Tailscale is designed to allow you to seamlessly connect your own devices and freely exchange data and remotely access. Using the free plan you can have up to three users and 100 devices connected. In this tip video, Don shows you how to set up your Tailscale account on a Mac and iPhone and share images and files. He also demonstrates sharing remote access to one of your devices.

Sonoma Tips and Tricks

Date: 10th November 2023

Duration: 25:05

Show ref: SCOM1307

So many updates have come with macOS Sonoma that we’ve had to spread them out over two full shows. In this episode, Darcy showcases several improvements and new features across a variety of apps and settings. Some are quite simple, like a new icon to show Mail attachments in Finder. Others more complex like a new stand-alone Screen Sharing app with high performance mode. Apple continue their commitment to privacy with automatic URL tracker removal and for gamers, a new mode that frees up additional resources for performance.

Tip - Tagging in Drafts

Date: 7th November 2023

Duration: 11:46

Show ref: SCOM1306

Drafts has long been a favourite third-party application of the ScreenCastsOnline team. You can use it on its own as a note repository, or send text to other applications, meaning it can be as complicated, or as simple as you need.

If you want to use it as a storage space for all of your notes and ideas, it's important to file them correctly and that's where tagging can be a great help. In this video, Lee walks you through the nuances of tagging in Drafts and how you can use advanced tags, such as Scoped Tags, to file (and find) your notes efficiently.

AI with Poe

Date: 3rd November 2023

Duration: 37:00

Show ref: SCOM1305

Poe is a service that allows you to access many different AI services via a single user interface. Use the free service for a generous daily allowance of services or sign up for the optional subscription for increased access and performance. In this video, Don demonstrates the UI on both Mac and iPhone to access these services as well as accessing information-specific bots using Poe. After going through several of these built-in tools, he shows you how to create your own bot to act as an expert on your favourite applications.

Tip - Apples Tips App

Date: 31st October 2023

Duration: 07:39

Show ref: SCOM1304

The Apple Tips app has undergone a lot of changes since its release as part of iOS 10, and is certainly worth a fresh look. Join Darcy as he walks through the new design and interface and shares his top tips from the app, including setting the best frame from you Live Photos. Tips is full of little nuggets that will make using your iPhone even easier and perhaps even more enjoyable!


Date: 27th October 2023

Duration: 33:28

Show ref: SCOM1303

MacFamilyTree from Synium Software is a robust, feature-rich Mac app for building out extensive family trees. Darcy takes you through creating individual people and all the different types of information that can be recorded such as live events, physical details and stories.

Using the built-in demo family tree, you see how you can build one using multiple people and generations, all with their own details. MacFamilyTree has multiple ways of viewing your tree that can be exported with different tree types, reports, lists and even publishing your work as a complete book. It is a comprehensive apps filled with useful features that Darcy invites you to discover with him.

Tip - Tab Groups in Safari

Date: 24th October 2023

Duration: 12:57

Show ref: SCOM1302

Tab Groups in Safari were first introduced with the OS updates of 2021 and have undergone some improvements in the last couple of years. Whilst we recently touched on Tab Groups in the wider context of the OS release, Lee thought it would be good to dive a little deeper on their use cases. Tab Groups are not just for power users, everyone can make good use of them!

Apple Mail Tips & Tricks

Date: 20th October 2023

Duration: 32:01

Show ref: SCOM1301

Some of the stock applications on macOS and iOS can have updates and features added that go under the radar when new OS's are released. Apple Mail is one such application and it suffers from some bad press because of the apparent lack of features. In this video, Lee has collated a number of tips - some well-known, some not-so, that can help take some of the misery out of email processing.

Tip - iOS 17 Closer Look

Date: 17th October 2023

Duration: 07:06

Show ref: SCOM1300

As is traditional this time of year, Apple have released iOS 17 with so many features we couldn’t fit it all into one screencast. Follow along with Darcy as he demos new features for users of dual SIM, such as filtering messages and customising ringtones based on your number. Protect your eyes using Screen Distance, and explore new ways to sign in with your Apple ID using Passkey.

Google Forms

Date: 13th October 2023

Duration: 35:32

Show ref: SCOM1299

With the free Google Forms, you can create surveys, polls or organize events that you can customize, including adding photos and choosing a theme. In this episode Allison walks you through the settings for Google Forms, and then shows you how the answer format you choose affects how people interact with your form. Multiple-choice vs. checkboxes, and grids vs. linear scales can provide a different type of answer and give you the right results. Join Allison and start creating forms easily.

Tip - Plotten for iOS

Date: 10th October 2023

Duration: 11:13

Show ref: SCOM1298

For those who love novel writing or magazine creation, Plotten offers a simplified, modern experience. Designed to get out of the way and let you write, this app has all the tools you’ll need to write such as file structuring, basic text customisation, image editing and exporting options. Join Darcy as he takes you on a tour of Plotten on iPad.

Apple TV and tvOS 17

Date: 6th October 2023

Duration: 30:06

Show ref: SCOM1297

The Apple TV has had a huge update with the arrival of tvOS 17. In this tutorial, Don takes you through some of the major improvements and new features of Apple's set-top box. Most notably, FaceTime and Continuity Camera comes to the Apple TV, allowing you to hand off and initiate FaceTime calls from your big screen. You also get familiar with Fitness+ improvements in managing your workouts.

Tip - Callsheet

Date: 3rd October 2023

Duration: 11:02

Show ref: SCOM1296

When watching movies or TV Programmes, if you are like Lee, you will often find yourselves asking questions about the actors.

"What have I seen them in before?''

"I wonder what else they have coming up?"

Or perhaps you want to know how many series of a particular show there are, or when it was released? iMDB is a common go-to location to get this info, however the interface can be clunky and us full of adverts, or information you don't need. Casey Liss has released Callsheet, a great application that deals with this issue. In this video, you learn how to search for shows, films and actors as well as look at features like Where To Watch, that shows you on which networks or streaming platforms it can be viewed.

Tip - BetterTouchTool

Date: 29th September 2023

Duration: 08:04

Show ref: SCOM1295

Mike shows you how to set up a Hyper Key in BetterTouchTool so that the Caps Lock key simulates pressing all four modifier keys at once. With this special key configured, he shares a couple of examples of using it to create keyboard shortcuts with Keyboard Maestro. You also learn how to set up a Magic Trackpad gesture as another way to trigger an automation using BetterTouchTool.

Tip - Widgets and Sync in Marvis

Date: 26th September 2023

Duration: 11:26

Show ref: SCOM1294

In show 1285, Lee took the plunge and covered Marvis Pro, arguably the most detailed and configurable Apple Music player you can get. In this tip video, he shows you how to configure widgets that point to the different sections of your Marvis Pro library, as well as sync all of your settings between iPad and iPhone.