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Tip - Calculate Anything for Alfred

Date: 8th August 2023

Duration: 11:06

Show ref: SCOM1280

There are a number of different workflows that you can install with Alfred, the popular app launcher for macOS. However, one in particular has caught Lee's eye and he uses it on a daily basis to carry out currency conversions, date calculations, weight conversions and more. Calculate Anything is a versatile utility and in this video, Lee shows you how to install it, alongside the dependencies it requires to work. You also get a sneak peek into how the new Alfred Gallery will work when installing workflows.


Date: 4th August 2023

Duration: 21:23

Show ref: SCOM1279

Elephas uses the power of ChatGPT with its own customisations to help users with all their writing needs. It offers features such as intelligently generating press releases, marketing material and email responses, with minimal information provided. Darcy shows you in this screencast how the app goes beyond robot replies and truly generates writing that feels like it's from a real person. Whether you're using it for work or take advantage of its powerful smart brain to index and query your own PDFs, Elephas has you covered.

Tip - Shift

Date: 1st August 2023

Duration: 09:07

Show ref: SCOM1278

Shift provides people with complex workflows requiring many apps a platform to combine them all. In this video Darcy showcases how to add accounts from Slack, Dropbox, Airtable and more into a streamlined interface, allowing you to increase ease of access between them and a more focused environment for your projects. Shift is a great way to declutter your desktop of windows by bundling them all together into one, with dozens of apps available to integrate. You also learn how to add extensions within Shift.


Date: 28th July 2023

Duration: 32:26

Show ref: SCOM1277

Shottr is an extremely powerful screenshot tool that comes at a surprisingly low cost. Whilst it has a lot of the usual tools to capture and annotate that you'd expect, it also has advanced features such as the ability to blur or completely erase areas or even just the text. It also has optical character recognition to copy text from images, and it can read QR codes for you. If you're a web or app developer, you can measure elements in screenshots, find their pixel color values, and more.

Shottr can create scrolling screenshots to capture long web pages and other long-form elements. The annotations in Shottr are pretty and somehow playful without being silly. It's filled with keyboard shortcuts to make you as efficient as you want to be in taking screenshots and annotating them.

Tip - Dato

Date: 25th July 2023

Duration: 14:25

Show ref: SCOM1276

You may be wondering: Why cover an application that is a stand-alone menu bar utility for the calendar, when many calendar apps already have a built-in menu bar component? Well, Dato is a little bit more than that. You may be able to do all of the usual things such a utility should do, like get a quick peek at your agenda and add items with a keyboard shortcut. Dato, however, goes a little further by adding multiple time zones support, offering full-screen notifications for calendar events as well as offering a built-in date calculator. Join Lee, your tour guide, in this tip video showcasing a clever utility.


Date: 21st July 2023

Duration: 24:51

Show ref: SCOM1275

Keet is a free videoconferencing service that removes the need for any third party. It utilises a fully encrypted, peer-to-peer architecture. You don't even need to register for an account. Without any central servers to navigate or throttle your performance, Keet offers superb video quality and responsiveness. As well as the video conferencing feature, It also has a built-in chat service and offers unlimited file transfers of any size between participants.In this screencast, Don takes you through the simple setup process on the Mac and demonstrates all of the core features of the app. He also shows you what the mobile app can do, and gets a little help from someone on the ScreenCastsONLINE team!

Tip - Arc Extras

Date: 18th July 2023

Duration: 11:28

Show ref: SCOM1274


Following on from our recent full Arc tutorial, Don takes a look in this short video at some of the features that didn't make it into his full show, as well as a brand new feature: The Site Settings Control Panel.

Your Health & Apple Watch

Date: 14th July 2023

Duration: 24:18

Show ref: SCOM1273

To conclude his series on Apple Watch, Darcy showcases many of the health focused apps and hardware available on your wrists. Watch along to learn how to check your heart rate, ECG and blood oxygen in the moment and share that information with medical professionals. And for people who exercise at any level, a full breakdown of the exercise app including custom workouts and mindfulness. All of this information is then shown through the Fitness and Health apps to give you a rounded picture of your health.

Tip - Sleep Cycle

Date: 11th July 2023

Duration: 14:00

Show ref: SCOM1272

If you want to be the most productive version of yourself, getting a good night's sleep is crucial because we all need to recharge. Yet it can be the area of our lives we neglect the most when deadlines are looming. Enter Sleep Cycle, a great app for helping track your sleep patterns, wake you at the most efficient time, and provide information on how you can improve. Join Lee as he walks you through how to set your intelligent alarms, read reports as well as find information to help you improve your sleep.


Date: 7th July 2023

Duration: 33:49

Show ref: SCOM1271

The Gmail web interface has long been a preferred email destination for productivity enthusiasts because of its unparalleled speed. Using Mimestream, you can access Gmail's powerful features directly on your Mac. Combining Gmail's powerful keyboard shortcuts and server-side filters with the beauty and speed of a well-made native mac app, Mimestream allows you to move through your email effortlessly. In this episode Mike gives you a comprehensive tour of the app, along with many examples that include setting up a filter as well as replying to an email using a custom template.

Tip - TypingMind

Date: 4th July 2023

Duration: 12:07

Show ref: SCOM1270

With all the buzz and noise around ChatGTP it can be hard to really understand its use case. How can this amazing technology help in my day-to-day life? In this tip Darcy walks you through Typing Mind, an app designed to simplify the ChatGPT experience with features and customisations that make it feel even more like interacting with a professional. No matter your goal, Typing Mind will help you on your journey. Besides the macOS version available via a Setapp subscription, you also learn about its web app, along with the various pricing options depending on your needs.

Hookmark 5 - Updates

Date: 30th June 2023

Duration: 32:01

Show ref: SCOM1269

In show 837, Don covered Hook for macOS, an interesting utility that can link documents in both directions on your Mac to make it easy to switch between contexts and work on related documents stored anywhere on your computer. Since that screencast, the application has evolved and even has a new name: Hookmark. Now at version 5, it brings some new functionality and in this video, Lee revisits some of the core principles of the app before diving into its new features, as well as Hookmark's integration with several important apps, such as Drafts, Fantastical, and OmniOutliner.

Tip - Structured

Date: 27th June 2023

Duration: 10:14

Show ref: SCOM1268

Structured is an all-in-one app for your calendars and reminders, but without all the clutter, and a modern look and feel. In this short screencast, Darcy shows you on iPad how he organises his life from the time he wakes up right up to bedtime. You learn how he uses features like subtasks to break down bigger tasks, widgets to quickly view his day and an AI assistant which can turn your voice prompt into a fully organised schedule.

Arc Browser

Date: 23rd June 2023

Duration: 39:01

Show ref: SCOM1267

In this week's episode Don takes the Arc browser for a spin. Built on the Chromium engine, Arc makes it easy to organise your tabs into Favourites, Pinned Tabs and Spaces. It also allows you to completely separate your browsing identity with Profiles. Create multiple Spaces to add context to your browsing and help you focus. Arc gives you many keyboard shortcuts as well as drag-and-drop functionality. With all of these features, it might very well become your default browser as it has for Don!

Tip - Pocket Redesign

Date: 20th June 2023

Duration: 07:03

Show ref: SCOM1266

It's been quite a while since we looked at the popular Read-it-later service Pocket. Since that time the iOS version has undergone a redesign that focuses a lot more on discovering new content as opposed to consuming articles you have saved. In this short video, Lee walks you through the new interface on iPhone and shows you how to discover content you like, that may very well have passed you by otherwise.

Photomator 3.0 on Mac

Date: 16th June 2023

Duration: 25:27

Show ref: SCOM1265

We have covered a number of photo editors here on ScreenCastsOnline and over time they keep getting better at making advanced image editing a lot more efficient. Photomator is one of those applications that combines the power of AI with a simple interface that integrates with your Apple Photos database. In this episode, Todd takes you through several real-world editing workflows and run them through the Photomator app to see how it can help enhance common types of photos. You also learn about many of its unique features, including the AI subject, background, and sky selection tools, as well as the ability to create custom editing workflows.

Tip - Anybox Bonus Content

Date: 13th June 2023

Duration: 09:10

Show ref: SCOM1264

In episode 1259, Lee looked at Anybox, the stunning bookmark manager that now occupies an important place in his workflow, storing links to not just websites, but files on both his machine and cloud services. Whilst that was a detailed video, there were some elements he discovered after recording that he really wanted to share. So in this tip video, you learn how you can use Anybox as a search engine aggregator when you are looking for content outside of your Anybox database, how to set reminders directly from your links and also check for any broken links.


Date: 9th June 2023

Duration: 32:33

Show ref: SCOM1263

Retrobatch, from the creator of the well-known image editor Acorn, is a highly capable image manipulation tool that uses drag-and-drop nodes to build workflows. In this tutorial, Allison starts by making a very simple workflow that adds a border to a group of images very quickly, then walks through the interface using this as an example. You then go through a more complicated example with Allison of how Rules and JavaScript (part of the Pro version of the app) helped her solve a real-life problem. You will surely think of multiple ways Retrobatch can assist you in processing your images.

Tip - Media on Apple Watch

Date: 6th June 2023

Duration: 09:31

Show ref: SCOM1262

The Apple Watch can be an all-purpose audio entertainment device. With the iPod now long gone, consumers can still leave their iPhone at home and take music, podcasts and audiobooks with them on the go. In this tip Darcy takes you through the experience of syncing and streaming content with the Watch app, including how to control the Music app on your Mac using your Apple Watch.


Date: 2nd June 2023

Duration: 30:04

Show ref: SCOM1261

There's a trend lately for productivity apps to switch to subscription-based pricing models. But Cron bucks the trend by offering a powerful calendar application for free. Owned by the makers of Notion, this app gives Google Calendar users some powerful features like scheduling snippets and calendar blocking without a recurring monthly fee.In this episode, Mike walks you through using Cron on the desktop, shows a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts, and demo the scheduling snippet capabilities so you can use Cron links to book meetings more easily.