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Tip - Arc Extras

Date : 18th July 2023

Duration: 11:28

Show ref: SCOM1274


Following on from our recent full Arc tutorial, Don takes a look in this short video at some of the features that didn't make it into his full show, as well as a brand new feature: The Site Settings Control Panel.

Arc Browser

Date : 23rd June 2023

Duration: 39:01

Show ref: SCOM1267

In this week's episode Don takes the Arc browser for a spin. Built on the Chromium engine, Arc makes it easy to organise your tabs into Favourites, Pinned Tabs and Spaces. It also allows you to completely separate your browsing identity with Profiles. Create multiple Spaces to add context to your browsing and help you focus. Arc gives you many keyboard shortcuts as well as drag-and-drop functionality. With all of these features, it might very well become your default browser as it has for Don!