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A brand new version of 1Password is now available for the Mac - 1Password 4

Acknowledged as one of (if not the) leading password managers, 1Password 4 is a complete re-imagining of the popular Password Manager. 1Password makes it simple to create and manage secure, unique passwords for all your apps and webservices, yet access them all via a single, strong, secure master password. But 1 Password is not just limited to passwords, it can be used to secure all your sensitive and private digital information and identities.

As well as improvements and enhancements to the standard features, the latest version includes some brand new features such as a new 1Password mini app, shareable 1Password Vaults and iCloud syncing.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction to 1Password 4
  • Installation - New Users
  • Installation - Existing Users
  • 1Password New UI
  • Security Audit
  • Preferences
  • Syncing Options
  • 1Password Mini App
  • Installing Browser Extensions
  • Using Browser Extensions
  • Sharing Items
  • 1Password Vaults
  • Sharing A Vault

This show has not been sponsored or endorsed by AgileBits but I include these affiliate links to support ScreenCastsOnline:

AgileBits Website for 1Password

Take Control Book - 1Password 4

Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

Mitch Jackson

Excellent overview, Don. The section on shared vaults was worth it alone, given it's a new feature by AgileBits. And, you made it applicable to both new users (showing a new install) and existing users like me. Keep up the great work.

Jeffrey McPheeters

very helpful; I've been using 1Password since it's beginning as well, and have purchased multiple copies for my family members. This is a very nice intro. It might be getting close to time to revisit the topic of password security for people with multiple devices in the not too distant future, once Mavericks is available, especially in light of iCloud, social networks, and pervasive online transactions becoming the status quo.

Raphael Molina

Great show! Although I would have liked a little more info as to which sync method has which pros and cons. I still don't know which sync method I should use now...


Marcos Valero

Dropbox works great, iCloud, not so sure... Dropbox seems far superior than iCloud in speed and performance, not to mention compatibility...

Marcos Valero

Great product, excellent show! I bought the previous version directly from Agilebits webpage. Can I upgrade from the App Store? If I can´t, is there any advantage if I buy the version 4.0 from the App Store.

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