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Management of your passwords and your digital identity has never been more important. In this episode, I revisit a truly indispensable application - 1Password 6.

1Password is a cross platform password manager with tons of extra functionality. It allows you both create and manage strong passwords using just a single "Master" password - hence the name 1Password.

As well as controlling all you passwords, you can use 1Password to store all sorts of critical and secure data such as login information, secure notes, software licences and much, much more.

1Password utilises "Vaults" to help to organise and share your data with family and work colleagues, but the new 1Password for Teams takes this to the next level.

This episode focuses on the basic principles of 1Password v6 on the Mac and iOS including the fantastic support for One Time Passwords built right into the App. We'll take a look at some of the more advanced features in the next episode.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Apple TV App Reminder
  • 1Password Overview
  • Initial Setup
  • Installing Browser Extensions
  • Capturing Logins
  • Using 1Password Logins
  • Adding Services Manually
  • One Time Passwords
  • Preferences
  • iOS - Setting Up 1Password
  • iOS - Using 1Password
  • iOS - Creating Logins
  • iOS - 3D Touch

Show Links:

1Password for the Mac Mac App Store&VendorDirect links and iOS App StoreLink.

Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

Dan Milligan

Another great screencast, Don! And very timely too as I've (finally) just purchased 1PW for my home mac. I'm looking forward to next week's session especially as you say you will be talking about Safari auto-fill / Keychain. I'm eager to know if I should be turning it off and if not how it works alongside 1PW.
I have a MBPro, an iMac, an iPad2 and an older ios7 iPhone (that i suspect is too old to sync with 1PW). My wife also has an iPad (newer than mine). Will you be dealing with how to integrate other users (such as my wife and her iPad with 1PW?


Hi Dan, Safari AutoFill works just fine alongside 1Password but 1Password is much more powerful. Plus it is cross platform. In the next episode I go in depth into sharing vaults between devices and with other people.

Colin Campbell

Another great episode Don. I'm currently on V3 of 1PW but I think you've persuaded me to upgrade!

Neil Christie

not for the first time, 2 times the screen goes green and 3 times the picture is distorted see 35:34 as an example of this. Come on Don, better quality control need than this.


Hi Neil, unfortunately those errors were not in the master file but crept in during the export process in post production. I've change the post production process so that hopefully it doesn't happen again. When the errors were spotted, we pulled the original file and replaced it. If you delete the offending file and re-download it it should be OK. Sorry about that.

Debbie Cook

Thank you so much for doing an update of your 1Password screen cast. Even though I've had 1Password for several years, I learned a lot. Everything you do is top notch which is why I continue to subscribe. No need to respond.

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