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Introducing 1Password for Families & Teams.

You may already be familiar with the 1Password app for the Mac and iOS and know that 1Password is a fantastic way of securing all your passwords, credit card information, account details and much much more.

With the standard 1Password app, it is possible to share your secure data with family members and colleagues, but you need to sync your data using third party services. It works, but it's not so easy to setup and maintain.

Enter 1Password for Families and 1Password for Teams - These new subscription services make it so much easier to share your secure information with trusted family members and colleagues. There's no need for third party syncing services, it's easy to setup plus you get control over who accesses what, as well as the ability to recover lost or forgotten passwords for members of your family or teams. Even better, there's full integration with your familiar 1Password applications, in fact, everyone gets the full versions of the apps on all platforms as part of your 1Password for Families or 1Password for Teams subscription.

This episode focuses mainly on 1Password for Families but the basic principles are also applicable to 1Password for Teams.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Setting Up 1Password for Families
  • Home Page
  • Using Vaults
  • Other UI Elements
  • Integrating with 1Password App
  • Inviting Family Members
  • Creating A Second Owner
  • Inviting an iOS only user
  • Integrating with 1Password on iOS
  • Password Recovery
  • Handling Documents & Attachments

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Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Dale Evankovich

The most recent blog post from Dave of agile bits mentions that the families version can create vaults with view only rights. This tutorial did not appear to show that option. So that begs the question does that feature really exist and how would you go about it.


Dave Teare

Hi Dale,

Thanks for bringing this up! I was thinking the exact same thing as I watched Don's video :)

When Don took his video the ability to control View Only and Allow Editing permissions was not available. It's available now. You can find it in the Vault Details page by clicking in the settings icon beside each person. Here's a screenshot of it in action:

I hope that helps.


–Dave Teare
AgileBits Founder

Robert Herwick

Seems to me that sharing a secondary vault with family members by Dropbox syncing accomplishes almost the same thing w/o the $5 charge. I'm still a little skeptical about keeping my financial passwords on any cloud however secure. Looks like this app would be useful for families where sharing was important for multiple members as opposed to one trusted member in case of an emergency. I love 1P but I'm not sold on this new scheme.


Dave Teare

Hello Robert,

Thank you so much for loving 1Password! I'm quite fond of it, too :)

It sounds like you are already setup great with 1Password and have shared vaults syncing between you and your family just fine using Dropbox. You're doing great! Many people don't get this far and that was one of the reasons we made 1Password Families: we wanted to make it super simple to invite family members and share vaults. So yes, on the surface you already have one of the features of Families.

With that said, there are a ton of other features within Families as well. For one, setting up a brand new device is super simple in Families. You simply login and BOOM! all your items appear automatically. I personally have nearly 20 vaults between my company's team ( and my family team and historically I would only add a few of them when I setup a new device because each one required effort. Now I don't have to worry about that as Families makes it super easy to create vaults and share with specific people.

Families also gives you online access to your data, the ability to restore previous versions of items, and allows you to forgo managing licenses and switch between operating systems easily.

Anyway, as I say, you are already rocking 1Password so there is no requirement for you to switch over. Families builds on 1Password and so 1Password isn't going anywhere. However, there are a lot of things about Families that make me excited so I moved all my vaults over. I enjoy the simplicity the most and still smile every time a new vault magically appears on my machine without me doing any work :)

I hope that helps! Either way you can keep rocking 1Password :)

–Dave Teare
AgileBits Founder

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