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Time to revisit an old friend, one of the most essential Mac applications around - 1Password.

1Password is the outstanding password manager and auto form filler from Agile Web Solutions. It's an application I've covered before, but it's recently had a complete revamp, with lots of new and improved features.

Resplendent in it's gorgeous new user interface design, the changes in 1Password 3 run much deeper than on first glance.

This show is not just an update show, but takes you back to basics with 1Password along with reviewing most of the new features in the application.

Even if you're an experience 1Password user, I'm confident you'll find some features of the application you didn't know existed. Internet security needs to be taken seriously and all to often, we fall into the trap of using the same password on multiple systems. If your password is compromised on one system, then all the other systems are wide open. Add in the ever increasing sophistication of ""Phishing"" websites, and identity theft becomes areal concern.

1Password v3 allows you to create and seamlessly manage strong multiple passwords across all your services. Better still, 1Password identifies which website you're accessing and can supply your login details automatically, from keyboard shortcuts or through deep integration with a wide range of leading Mac browsers. But it's not just limited to passwords, 1Password has been extended to cover all aspects of your digital identity and online presence.

From system accounts, online identities, credit card details and a whole host of other important information, 1Password has been designed to be a secure, encrypted repository for all your digital information. You can even store file attachments right inside the secure 1Password keychain. 1Password v3 also includes 1PasswordAnywhere, allowing you to access your information from any computer connected to the Internet with a modern browser.

If you're an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad owner, 1Password is also available on these devices, allowing you to sync your important data wirelessly from your Mac on your local network.

The full show covers:

  • Introduction to 1Password
  • Installation
  • Importing Passwords
  • Using 1Password
  • Capturing Web Logins
  • Fill & Submit
  • Go & Fill
  • Go & Fill HUD
  • 1Click Bookmarks
  • New User Interface
  • Smart Search
  • Storing Accounts
  • Managing Identities
  • Strong Password Generator
  • Secure Notes
  • Managing Software Licenses
  • Attachments
  • Wallet
  • 1PasswordAnywhere & Dropbox Sync
  • 1PasswordAnywhere via USB Drive
  • Syncing Multiple Macs
  • Wrap Up & Special Offer

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