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Management of your passwords and your digital identity has never been more important. Following on from the last episode, I take a look at some of the more advanced features of 1Password v6. 1Password is a cross platform password manager with tons of extra functionality. It allows you both create and manage strong passwords using just a single "Master" password - hence the name 1Password.

1Password utilises "Vaults" to help to organise and share your data with family and work colleagues, but the new 1Password for Teams takes this to the next level.

This episode focuses on setting up different vaults to compartmentalise different blocks of information to keep organised, or to share with others via Dropbox. We also take a look at 1Password on the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Vaults & Data Types
  • Selecting Vaults
  • Setting Up A Shared Vault
  • iOS - Accessing Multiple Vaults
  • Sharing Using Dropbox
  • Security Audit
  • Safari Auto Fill
  • Apple Watch Setup
  • Wrap Up & Members Announcement

Show Links:

1Password for the Mac Mac App Store&VendorDirect links and iOS App StoreLink.

Video Tutorial Comments

(8 comments posted)

Dawson David dawson

Outstanding job of going in-depth in 1Password. I've been a fan for years -- since it was new -- and have used it daily on both OS X and iOS. Old habits had me using the same old features in the same old ways. Thanks to SCO, I've learned a half dozen or so new tricks and tweaked features that ought to make 1Password even better. So thanks for another fine presentation.


Dave Teare

It's so awesome to hear you're a huge 1Password fan, David. It's music to my ears :)

I'm glad Don was able to explore 1Password's features in such depth. He does an amazing job. And we try to keep him busy by constantly adding new features :)

Take care, Dave Teare (AgileBits Founder)

Harald Köhler

What i don't understand..... Why should i sync my Passwords (Like you did with the Facebook Password in the Video) with the Apple iCloud Keychain? This a possible security leg, isn't it? If i share all my Passwords with the iCloud Keychain why do i need 1Password? I don't understand this...... Can you tell me the motivation doing this?

THX! Harry


Hi Harry, It's sometimes convenient to have passwords in both iCloud Keychain and 1Password. It shouldn't really be a security issue. iCloud keychain is great when you just have a single login to a service, but 1Password is better if you have multiple logins to the same service - much easier to use.

Also, you have all the benefits of sharing passwords with 1Password. I find they co-exist really well


Harald Köhler

Thanks Don. So if i have a single login to Facebook, Twitter or whatever you think i should use the iCloud keychain and also 1 password?


Yep, I still think it's worth it, even having a single sign on.

Dag Inge Fjeld

Hi Don. I have a question regarding synch of the extra vault. It is done through Dropbox in the tutorial, and when I try it out, only Dropbox is presented as an option. Since I have moved the synch of 1password to iCloud (which is very convenient when I set up a new iPhone) I would prefer to use iCloud for my other vaults. But this is just a feeling I have. I also think iCloud is more secure than Dropbox when it comes to encryption?
(Dag. Drammen, Norway.)


Hi Dag,

Yes, iCloud sync is only available for the primary vault. All the others must use an alternative sync method. Have you had a look at the 1Password for Families tutorial which uses the AgileBits centralised web service for syncing?

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