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Many people have opted to use Adobe Lightroom as a replacement for Apple's recently retired photo management application Aperture.

Adobe Photoshop is a pro-level supplementary application to Lightroom and is available with Lightroom in a special bundle from Adobe.

In this multipart series, Todd Olthoff takes you through some of the useful features of Adobe Photoshop from a photographers stand point, as well as the Adobe Photoshop iOS apps, starting this week with Adobe Sketch. As not everyone has opted for Lightroom or has a need for Photoshop, this will be limited to a three part series, published once a month.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation & Set Up
  • Setting Up Preferences
  • Setting Up the Interface
  • Importing & Viewing Photos
  • Camera RAW
  • Zooming & Panning
  • Resizing Images
  • Adobe Sketch Set Up
  • Working with Projects in Adobe Sketch
  • Adobe Sketch Layouts
  • Adobe Sketch Drawing Tools
  • Working with Shapes & Images
  • Sharing Your Sketches

Video Tutorial Comments

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Colin Campbell

Todd, in the middle of the Photoshop Sketch section you bring up a keyboard on the iPad with the numbers along the top row above the letters - where does it come from as I would really like one like that.


Hi Colin, That is an iPad Pro keyboard I'm afraid - only available if you use the iPad pro


Colin Campbell

Thanks Don.

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