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Quicktime is the foundation of Apple's multimedia offerings. With the introduction of QuickTime X in Snow Leopard, Apple have begun the process of re-writing QuickTime from the ground up.

This second of a two part series examines some of the more advanced legacy features of QuickTime, and how you can use QuickTime 7 player as well as some 3rd party tools to access and manipulate QuickTime file contents.

The first part of this tutorial takes a look at QuickTime tracks - the fundamental elements of a QuickTime file. I examine some of the common track types and demonstrate how tracks can be manipulated.

I also take an in-depth look at Chapters and Subtitles, finishing off with a section on creating QuickTime files with hyperlinks using Keynote of all things!

  • QuickTime Tracks
  • Using Visual Settings
  • Working with Multiple Tracks
  • Editing Chapters
  • SimpleMovieX
  • MetaData Hootenanny
  • Foreign Language Subtitles - iSubtitle
  • Interactive QuickTime

Video Tutorial Comments

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Donald Burr

Great episode, although you forgot to mention one of the best use cases for the video controls (rotate, flip, etc.) It used to be that if you recorded video on your iPhone while holding it in portrait orientation, the video would actually render out in landscape mode, with the result that the picture is rotated 90 degrees to the left. I just tried this on the 4S and it appears that they fixed it, but I'm sure this problem still occurs, perhaps with older iPhone models, and definitely with other camera phones as well as those inexpensive handheld video recorders (Flip, Creative Vado, etc.). Anyway if you have to deal with a "flipped" video like this, just open it in Quicktime 7 and use the video settings tab to flip it. Simple!


Pierre Belance

Thanks Donald, useful to know that.;-)

Have you checked out iSubler? Its free and does the majority of what you need to do in QT, SimpleMovieX and iSubtitle.


Sorry that's "Subler". Here is the link

Andrew Seal

I appreciate time has passed.

Now that FCPX supports chapter markers, is that an even easier way to edit incorrect chapter titles?

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