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Airtable is an amazing cloud based database app that runs in your browser as well as natively on your iPhone and iPad (with an Android app on the way). Being cloud based, it's truly cross platform and updates are synchronised almost instantaneously across all platforms and devices.

Best of all, there is a generous free version, it's really easy to use and it's extremely powerful!

In this second and final episode, I take a look at some the more advanced features of Airtable including formula, rollup and look up fields, as well as some of the many data sharing and collaboration features built into the service.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Currency & Formula Fields
  • Rollup and LookUp Fields
  • Count, Auto Number & Barcodes
  • iOS Field Limitations
  • Grid Views
  • Sharing Grid Views
  • Form Views
  • Collaboration - Base Level
  • Collaboration - Team Level
  • Collaboration - iOS
  • Search & Snapshots
  • Integrations

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Video Tutorial Comments

(8 comments posted)

Richard Allum

This looks very interesting. I'm thinking of using as a team task management system. All open tasks would be created quite simply. Is there any way that a task could be moved manually or automatically to another table or base once completed?


Hi Richard, I don't believe so. Each base is handled independently. Might be worth checking out some of the integrations with Zapier - perhaps you could use something to act as a bridge between two bases?

Kurt Werstein

It would have been useful to have seen the input of barcodes into Airtable via the iOS application in action. This functionality is something of great interest.


Hi Kurt, That is covered and demonstrated in part 1.

James S

Not sure how this massively differs from an Excel spreadsheet really (watched both shows)...?

Excel lets you use offline native apps or online webapps to edit, is cross platform now (Win/OSX/iOS/And), has sheets, has views, has collaboration (though may/may not be a bit harder; I haven't really used those). Oh, and unlimited "rows" and "bases" of course.


James S

...oh, and of course Excel (and Numbers for that matter) both give you an offline filetype that can be stored/moved/archived wherever you want. And they can store infinite assets within too.
I'm not dissing the product here, I just don't get it's real value.

Jeff Scheithe

Hi Don, Thanks for the tutorials on Airtable. Could you suggest a method and or additional software product that would allow the export of data from Airtable to a report generator to, for instance, generate nice looking invoices?


Hi Jeff, Not something I've come across but the standard way of exporting data from Airtable (set a filter for the records you want and export as CSV) will probably be compatible with most report generators. Any word processor with a mail merge feature will allow you to set up an invoice.

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