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As promised, it's time to check out some of the more advanced features of Alfred, the superb application launcher and productivity enhance from Running with Crayons. I took a look at the basic operations of the free version of Alfred in previous show (SCO0325).

In this week's show, I take a look at some of the more advanced features enabled by the installation of the optional PowerPack module. I was impressed with the free version of Alfred, but as a staunch LaunchBar user, I missed some of the more advanced features.

However, once you purchase and install the optional Alfred PowerPack, many advanced features are enabled and accessible to you. This week's tutorial takes you through most of the advanced features that take Alfred to the next level, and turn it from being merely useful to indispensable!

The full show covers:

  • Installing the PowerPack
  • New PowerPack Features
  • Fallback Searches
  • URLs & History
  • Email and Address Book
  • iTunes Support
  • Clipboard History
  • File Navigation
  • Terminal
  • Alfred Extensions
  • Search Filter
  • File or Group
  • Shell Script, AppleScript & Workflow
  • Global Hotkeys

Please note that this show has not been sponsored or endorsed by Running with Crayons and is a completely independent production.

Video Tutorial Comments

(14 comments posted)

How do you think it compares to Launchbar?


Rogerio Dienes

I personally found it much better than launch bar. Switch for me was a bliss...
BTW, I also killed spark (a tiny app launcher)

Only drawback is that it does not invoke finder windows as spark used to do when using the shortcut to invoke finder...

loving it so far...


It's great


Edward Anton

Well I've finally been won over to Alfred from Launchbar. I've enjoyed the functionality of LB, but its UI leaves me cold. Also, due to the UI of LB, I feel less capable to explore the app. Alfred's UI has actually provided inspiration to play around and find more uses for the app (interestingly, those uses are most likely all available in LB but I would never have stumbled upon them there).


Steve Wehba

Actually, I've had a bit of a problem using Alfred compared to Launchbar. I also use Typinator (used to use Text Expander) and Keyboard Maestro, and I've found that when using these other apps with Alfred, typing responsiveness slows way down, especially in Alfred itself. On the advice of the very helpful Alfred developer, I reindex Spotlight, but this didn't help. I converted back to Launchbar, and I have not had this problem. Has anyone else experience any problems with slow typing responsiveness when using Alfred? I really prefer it to Launchbar in terms of user-interface, but the typing speed was just unbearable.

Frank Petrie

Been following Don since the dawn of time. I started with LaunchBar and was quite happy. But even though Alfred doesn't have one of my fav features of LB (holding the last typed letter to launch an app), I find it to be faster (my imagination?) and to have a much nicer UI, creating for a more enjoyable experience.

Chris Brown

Alfred is starting to grow on me too. It's certainly a lot easier to convince others to try out because of its visual appeal and its free price tag. (I have the power pack because I need some of those features.)

I do find that I like the ClipMenu app better than either the Alfred or Launchbar apps' capabilities. Although Launchbar's "append selection to last clipboard entry" is something I wish other such utilities had too.

While I've bought and used Launchbar for the last year, I find that probably 95% of the time I'm really just using it as an application launcher. Like Frank I do use the "hold the letter to launch the selected app" feature ALL the time. I'm gonna drop a note to Andrew to see what he thinks of the idea.

Rogerio Dienes

Right after watching the show, I installed Alfred Power Pack on all my computers!

Loving it.

One bug though: Despite doing the same procedures (disabling cmd+space from spotlight) one of my computers does not allow me to configure Alfred as a cmd+space shortcut.

What might be causing it? Thanks in advance...

Chris Brown

Frank, as promised, I asked Andrew about the "last typed letter to launch an app" feature (I gave him S-A-F and even just S for Safari as an example), and this was his response:

"While I can see that this is an interesting idea, I can't see me bringing this to Alfred because it doesn't really fit with how he functions.
An alternative would be to set hotkeys for your fave apps, e.g. cmd+shift+s to launch (or hide) safari is even quicker than showing then holding S.

He has a point, and I think I'm content with that given the rather small number of apps that I use that one-letter-hold feature for anyway.

Chris Brown

Rogerio, what happens now when you press CMD+Space?
You might also find direct help directly on the Alfred site (see ) or by contacting them via Twitter if the help article doesn't get you where you need to go.

Anthony Georgilas

Hi, there!

Thanks for the excellent tutorials.

One question:
Is it possible to use the "timer script" you reviewed in your LaunchBar tutorial with Alfred? I really love it!


Bill Kirkpatrick

I really appreciated learning more about this app, which I've had my eye on for a while. I'm sticking with Quicksilver for now, especially since QS is back in active development, but I might return to Alfred down the road and see how it's evolving.

Adrián Furlan

Version 2 of is out. I'd love to watch an SCO tutorial of it before comitting my money to it though... Cheers, Don.


Hi Adrian, As you might imagine, I'm all over Alfred 2 ;-)

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