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Alfred v2 has just been released, and this week, it's part 1 of an Alfred v2 Masterclass!

Alfred v2 has been re-written from the ground up to be faster, more efficient and easier to use.

According to the Alfred blog, less than 15% of Alfred v1"²s code was reused and every feature has been carefully improved. In addition, they've added in some neat new features, including WorkFlow, a highly customisable replacement for Extensions and Hot Keys.

This week, I start from scratch and take you through some of the basics of Alfred, cover some of the changes, and demonstrate how to customise Alfred's default behaviour.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Installation & Upgrade Considerations
  • Why You Need The Powerpack!
  • Using Alfred - The Basics
  • Configuring Default Results
  • Searching and Opening Files in Alfred
  • Navigating Your Files & Folders
  • Configuring the Action Menu
  • Actioning Multiple Files - The Buffer
  • Web Search in Alfred
  • 1Password Integration

Video Tutorial Comments

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Ken O'Brien

Great show. It's hard to believe how much you can do with Alfred. It's a great application. And your tutorial covers a huge amount of its features in a short time.

Regina King

I've been using Alfred since forever and didn't know several of these tips. Thanks for the great show!

I was just logging in to ask you when we'd be getting an Alred update. And there it was! Yippeee! And thanks ;)


Gerry Beard

Hi Don, great show for a great app. Unfortunately I messed up when setting the keyboard short cut, I have followed the developers advice how to reset, which I found less than clear, have you any tips please.
Regards. Gerry Beard

Tim Bousky

Thanks for the timely update on Alfred. I first discovered Alfred watching your earlier update and have been hooked ever since. Your topics are always thoughtful, timely, and relevant to my needs. Overall a great value.

Roger Williams

Convinced me to buy the mega pack and dump LaunchBar. This product seems way more polished than LaunchBar. Thanks Don!

Johnnie Walker

An excellent explanation of so many features I wasn't using. I'm so excited to use alfred again- and I was pretty happy before!

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