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At the time of publication, Google Reader has only 8 days before the service is shutdown. So we'd better get on with deciding on an alternative!

The good news is there are plenty to choose from, many are as fully featured as Google Reader and some are even better!

In this show, I take a look at some of the alternative services available as well as how to safely extract your current Google Reader subscriptions to import into an alternative service.

In the companion iOS show - SCOI0116 - I take a look at some of the services that work with Mr Reader on the iPad, as well as taking a look at the Feedly iPad and iPhone apps.

As I hardly ever read my RSS feeds on the Mac or iPhone, a critical requirement for me was that any alternative service must be compatible with Mr Reader on the iPad. Mr Reader v2 for the iPad is out in the next few days and is my preferred solution for consuming RSS feeds on my iPad. Previously, it was only supported by Google Reader, but the new version has been expanded to support six different alternative services. So this show gives you a look at the six services currently supported by Mr Reader and includes my selection of the service I'll be moving forward with, at least in the short term.

Of course, most of these services don't require Mr Reader and are also supported by various third party clients or have their own native clients. I just prefer Mr Reader as my RSS reader on the iPad - for now at least!

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Google Takeout
  • Google Reader Alternatives
  • BazQux
  • Feedbin
  • Feedly
  • Feed Wrangler
  • Fever

Video Tutorial Comments

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Kenneth Taylor

I have been testing Feedly and am impressed with this service. I want to continue using it on my Mac but I have been using Reeder. How can I map RSS links so that when I click on them they open in Feedly and not Reeder?

Donald Burr

Great episode. I've been struggling with finding a suitable replacement for Google Reader, and this helped a lot. I'm trying out Feedbin, $20/year is quite reasonable (and also means that the service is more likely to stick around) and it supports both Reeder and Mr. Reader, which is important since I do sometimes read RSS feeds on the iPhone. I also do read feeds on the Mac as well, and until a Mac client adds Feedbin support, I will use the web app, which works reasonably well. I am also trying out a self-hosted service called TinyTinyRSS. There is a plugin for it that emulates the Fever API. I have successfully used this with Reeder, however since the new version 2.0 of Mr. Reader is not yet available I can't test it to see if it works with that.

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