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A new type of tutorial this week - an App Update show.

Invariably, the applications I cover on ScreenCastsOnline get updated over time. New features and new capabilities are regularly introduced by developers.

So this week's tutorial brings you up to speed on updates to three great applications - Aperture, TextExpander & Moom

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Aperture 3.3 Update
    • Upgrading Libraries
    • Merging Libraries
    • PhotoStream Considerations
    • Aperture UI Changes
    • Changes to Adjustments
    • Other Changes
  • TextExpander 4
    • New Fill In Snippets
    • Other Changes & Upgrading
  • Moom 3

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Simon Browne

A while ago, I checked out TextExpander and then on the strength of many, many enthusiastic recommendations in MacUpdate checked out Typinator too. I've been very happy with Typinator ever since. And their support is extraordinary. I was using Typinator on 2 Macs and using Synergy to control both from a single keyboard and mouse and having some issues with expansions of "the other" Mac. After several months - including installing a specially written app to record where my mouse was at any moment - the issue was resolved. Remarkable. Well worth giving a try. BTW Typinator uses DropBox to sync expansions between multiple Macs - separate licences required for each. It also has interactive expansions and will run external scripts as part of expansions. Very fully featured.

Mike Grace

This episode is excellent on one area I get very confused about - how to manage my libraries in iPhoto and Aperture. I could do with more ideas on this - as I am starting over with both iPhoto and Aperture libraries to try and make sense of how best to store my photos.

I still can't make up my mind whether to keep all my photos inside the software itself (makes backing up easier) or reference my photos on a separate hard drive.

Any ideas from anyone? What do people do?



Egor Pravilov Pravilov

If you are not running out of space on your HDD, Mike, keep it on that and let Time Machine back up all your photos. I always try to avoid putting smth on external drive since it's easy to loose or damage or even format by mistake.

Egor Pravilov Pravilov

I don't think Moom is worth 10 bucks really. There is a free utility called BetterTouchTool that does this and many more. I just couldn't' imagine my life without it. Definitely check it out before you buy Moom.

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