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Aperture 3 is the latest version of Apples flagship photo management application.

Previous versions have been aimed squarely at the professional photographer, but with this new release, Aperture has been repositioned as a tool for both prosumers and professionals. One of the reasons many people have held off moving to Aperture was the inclusion of Faces and Places in iPhoto '09. Without them, Aperture 2 was not really a compelling upgrade for iPhoto users.

All has been fixed now in Aperture 3 with the inclusion of both these features and over 200+ new improvements.

Aperture 3 now gives ""Pro performance with iPhoto simplicity""!

As I've never covered Aperture before, I thought I'd best start from the ground up and cover the basic functionality in this weeks show. No prior knowledge of Aperture is assumed and I approach the subject as an iPhoto user considering moving over to Aperture. Next week I'll take a look at some of the new and enhanced features.

In this weeks show I cover:

  • Installation & Setup
  • Aperture 3 Introduction
  • Aperture Libraries
  • Importing Digital Media
  • Import Settings
  • Viewing Images in Aperture 3
  • Split View
  • Comparing Images
  • Rating Images
  • Browser View
  • Using Stacks
  • Viewer
  • Full Screen View
  • Using the Loupe
  • Using Metadata
  • Allocating Keywords
  • Metadata Views
  • Exporting & Merging Libraries
  • Exporting Versions
  • Exporting Masters
  • Exporting Projects

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