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Bear is the new kid on the block as far as plain text editing on the Mac, iPad and iPhone is concerned.

Despite being a committed Ulyssess and Scrivener user, my interest was piqued by the glowing reviews and the fact that Bear was selected as "App of the Year" 2016 by Apple.

After using Bear for a couple of weeks (and the fact that I received many requests), I decided that it would be remiss of me not to cover Bear on ScreenCastsOnline - it really is a beautiful app!

However, there is one aspect of the app that may not sit well with some people, and that's to enable syncing between devices (and to switch on some other functionality), you need to upgrade to Bear Pro, which just happens to be a subscription service.

Consequently, in this tutorial, I focus mainly on the features in the free version, but still take a look at the Bear Pro options.

Well worth taking a look!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Bear UI
  • Using The Editor
  • Creating Notes
  • Using Tags
  • Sorting Tags & Notes List
  • Searching
  • Web Clipper
  • Evernote Importer
  • Bear Pro Subscription
  • Bear on iOS
  • Using the Editor - iOS
  • Preferences - iOS
  • Web Clipping - iOS
  • Bear - iPhone
  • Cancel Subscription

App Store Links:

Bear for Mac - macOS App Store

Bear for iPad & iPhone - iOS App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

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Richard Bruning

Just an FYI: I contacted the developer about a more convenient way to nest tags within each other by dragging or the like, instead of having to type each subtag at the end of the primary tag. Especially if you want to go back later and reorganize things into different groupings/tags. He indicated that function would appear in the next release within a few weeks or so.
Very nice app.


Interesting! That sounds like a useful addition.

Mike Harahan

Really loving Bear. Thanks for your great work on this one. Have a question.

When I hit Bear's share icon on the right-hand side of the edit pane, nothing appears. I would like to shake hand with mail as you did in the tutorial. Mail app is set as my default email client and mail app is set as my Default Email Reader in Mail Preferences. What more do I need to do to get Mail to appear in Bear's Sharing menu?

John Costello

As a catch-all note-taking app, I am loving Bear. I understand why more frequent writers will drift to Ulysses or Scrivener (my girlfriend, a writer, uses Scrivener for long and short prose), but as someone who just needs to jot stuff down throughout his day, Bear fits better. I think it's more aimed as an Evernote/OneNote replacement than anything else, and it's done this job well for me. I've been happy to say goodbye to the bloated, unattractive Evernote.

Good tutorial. Even as a Bear user, there were a couple of neat tricks I didn't know about. Cheers.

Gray Hodge


I was extremely excited when I began to explore Bear as a much needed Evernote replacement. The import of my notes is flawless, the notes are fresh and clean, images and docs import nicely....

But where are the folders and sub folders??.

Sorry but there is not way I can use Bear to run my business, my many projects and tasks, clients and jobs....with hashtags!
What a total departure from a system of Notebooks and Notes, folders and subfolders that have stood the test of time since computers were created.

With this structure, Bear is pretty useless for me.

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