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Time for another double length members show, this time with a twist! This year I did two sessions at Macworld 2011 as part of the User Conference sessions.

I'm always asked if the sessions are available online for those ScreenCastsOnline viewers who can't make it all the way to San Francisco.

Well this year, I thought I'd try an experiment and see if I could record at least one of the sessions and include it as part of the show. The session I recorded was ""Become a Finder NInja""and to my delight, the recording worked out just fine (although the audio could be better!). It's not just a standard keynote presentation, I also included lot's of live demos which I captured as a screencast. The recording worked out so well, that I've been able to include the whole session, pretty much unedited, it's almost like you're there!

The session includes:

  • Finder Basics and Overview
  • Keyboard Mastery
  • Special Finder Hints and Tips
  • Managing Column Widths
  • Resizing
  • QuickLook Plugins
  • Using the Proxy Icon
  • Overview of Finder Utilities
  • FiWi
  • LaunchBar
  • Default Folder X
  • DTerm
  • Finder Replacements (Sort of!)
  • TotalFinder
  • Forklift 2
  • PathFinder 5

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