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Last show of the year so I thought I'd do something different.

This week I take you through the ScreenCastsOnline workflow, from preparation, through recording and editing, on to encoding and subtitles to final testing and publication. The whole process is fairly complex so I've broken it down into manageable chunks.

I'm hoping to streamline the publication side of things in the New Year with the launch of a new website based on a bespoke content management system, which should automate a lot of the manual processes involved in producing the RSS feeds and publishing to the websites. Once that is in place, I'll need to start looking at automating or outsourcing more of the video production work. But until then, take a look at how things are organised now and wonder how on earth I manage to produce a show every week - I know I do!

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Stefaan Lesage

Hi Don,

Well ... lots of respect for doing all that work. There is still quite a lot of manual things involved, especially when creating the subtitles and other things.

One thing I don't understand is why you aren't using Motion Master templates to create things like you chapter titles and lower thirds. They would save you some work.

The idea is that you create the template in Motion and then use that template in your Final Cut Pro Sequence. This would allow you to constantly have the same layout, but only change the text for things like subtitles.

Adding the Master Template would give you the rounded rectangle, the border, and the sample text, and then in FCP you could simply replace the sample text with whatever you need as text.

You've probably aware of this ... but if you aren't, I could try to create a ScreenCast about it for you.

Best regards,

Stefaan Lesage


Hi Stefaan, I did use them temporarily, but had issues with selecting fonts (or perhaps having certain fonts being available) so I gave up. Got a nice simple system going now with pngs and text overlays ;-)

Brent Warner

Very insightful Don. I'm sure it varies depending on the topic, etc. but how long on average does it take you from beginning to end?


It's difficult to say but a maximum of 3 days if it's a complex topic. One of my goals for this year is to automate the process and since recording this show, the new website has taken away a lot of the manual effort of setting up the webpages. I need to look at automating the video post production now, especially with producing two shows a week. Perhaps I should have figured that out first ;-)

Charles Jones

Great show, Don. Can you comment on what software you use for screencapture from iOS?


Charles, head over to and I've recently published some further information

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