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Bento 2 has been updated with many new features but more importantly, they've addressed some of the failings of the first version especially in the area of viewing your data, designing forms, importing and export and printing. They've even made it easier to use for people more used to manipulating data in spreadsheets with the incorporation of some new ""spreadsheet like"" features.

The event that that finally twisted my arm to create this update show, was the launch of the new Bento application for the iPhone/iPod touch. This new application is dual purpose in that it allows you to create and organise Bento libraries directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch as a standalone application, as well as allowing you to synchronise with the Bento libraries on your Mac.

This full show covers:

  • Bento User Interface Changes
  • Working with Data
  • Spreadsheet Type Controls
  • Message List Fields
  • Templates and Printing
  • Bento on the iPhone
  • Synchronising with the Mac

This weeks show is an update show, intended to bring you up to speed with all the new features of Bento 2 and the new iPhone application. If you're new to Bento, I'd strongly suggest that you check out the previous Bento shows first to get a full understanding of the basic principles and concepts of using Bento.

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