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Bento is the consumer level database application produced by FileMaker, and is considered by many to be the "˜missing" iWork application.

Bento allows you to create and update libraries of information for virtually any requirement. Inventories, contact lists, recipies, if there is information you want to store and retrieve, Bento can do it.

In this second and final tutorial, I examine some additional features of Bento for the iPad as well as a special section examining Bento for iPhone.

For information on Bento for Mac, check out last week's Mac tutorial - Bento 4 for the Mac

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Collections on the iPad
  • Creating a New Library
  • Importing Data Into Bento
  • Syncing with a Mac
  • Bento for iPhone

Video Tutorial Comments

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Colin Croft

Another great show Don! I have a question regarding importing data from other applications: If you import into Bento your contacts, for example, is it possible to update that information at a later date without importing your entire contacts again?

Colin Croft

Actually, Contacts is probably a bad example, seeing as Bento will no longer be supporting that feature. I'm thinking more along the lines of info from other sources. Or perhaps, do you just delete the database and import a new one?

Nicholas Barnes

Terrific! Both parts of Bento very interesting.

Mike Martin

Always look forward to your shows. One area that is the most confusing in Bento is Related Records. You skipped any info on the one section I was hoping to learn more about. However your shows are not a complete training tool, but rather a great introduction to the Program itself

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