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Boxee is yet another media centre for the Mac!

But at it's latest release, Boxee Beta, it has matured into a feature packed application with a killer user interface. Boxee allows you to access your local media files in a very smart, easy to use, big screen interface. Integration with IMDB and other internet based databases allow your media files to be tagged with artwork and meta data automatically, no configuration required.

Boxee is highly integrated with Internet TV shows, with automatic access to internet based TV networks based on geographic location. In addition, using Boxee apps, you have access to a huge number of independent internet based TV services.

Want to know what your friends are watching and recommending? Boxee also has a social element that allows you to follow friends and see their recommendations in your Boxee queue. If it's available on the internet, you can watch it directly from their recommendation!

Surfing the web and spot a video you would like to see later on your big TV screen at home? Boxee has a neat, easily installable bookmarklet that installs in your browser. One click, and the video is added to your Boxee queue and will be waiting for you when you get home.

Of course, you don't need a big screen TV to use Boxee, it's a standard OSX application (and Windows and Linux) that will run happily on any Intel based Mac.

Add in the ability to control Boxee from your Apple remote, an OSX Desktop widget and the free Boxee iPhone app, and you've got a great way to manage and access your media and the latest internet based content.

For people outside the US, I also demonstrate using a free VPN service as a proof of concept for accessing various services.

The full show covers:

  • Getting a Boxee Account & Installation
  • Basic Boxee Operation
  • UI Overview
  • Boxee Feed
  • Queue
  • Movies
  • Boxee Popup Navigator
  • Playback Controls
  • TV Shows
  • Using a VPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Boxee Apps
  • Access to File System
  • Being Social with Boxee
  • Boxee Bookmarklet
  • Apple Remote & Snow Leopard Fix
  • Other Remote Options

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