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Another highly requested show this week, featuring BusyCal, the calendar application that iCal should be!

BusyCal is an application by BusyMac, developers of the very impressive BusySync product. After a couple of years work creating the hugely impressive syncing technology in BusySync, they've now decided to build on their success and create a replacement application for iCal. BusyCal is a fully featured calendar application intended to be used as a direct replacement for iCal.

iCal really hasn't had a lot done to it recently, in fact, many people thought iCal took a backwards step when the latest version was released in Leopard and Snow leopard.

BusyCal adds the functionality missing in iCal but in a seamless and very clever way. BusyCal uses the same underlying technologies that iCal does, OSX Sync Services. So all you iCal data is immediately available in BusyCal, you can even bounce between the two when you're trying it out. In addition, because BusyCal uses OSX Sync Services, synchronisation with your iPhone or other Macs is handled automatically using MobileMe.

The new UI in BusyCal is very similar to iCal so there's a very easy learning curve, an BusyCal takes advantage of some additional features including core animation, support for rich text throughout, multiple alarms, configurable snooze periods, Stick notes, journal entries and many more features.

With BusyCal also comes the ability to seamless synchronise your calendars across your LAN with other BusyCal users making it ideal for both small workgroups and families. Add in support for seamless synchronisation with Google Calendar and BusyCal really is iCal Pro! The full show covers:

  • iCal Limitations
  • BusyCal Overview
  • Day View
  • Week View
  • Month View
  • List View
  • Holiday Calendars
  • Weather & Moon Phases
  • Event Types in BusyCal
  • Standard Events
  • Setting Alarms
  • Floating Info Panel
  • Banner Events
  • Sticky Notes
  • Journal Events
  • To Dos in BusyCal
  • MenuBar Icon
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Syncing with Google Calendars
  • Wrap up & Special Offer

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