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We've covered BusyCal before but the Mac version has had a big upgrade and they've recently released a brand new iOS version of BusyCal too!

BusyCal has for a long time been one of the premier calendaring applications for the Mac, and with the introduction of the new iOS version, you can now also use BusyCal to manage your calendars via your iPad and iPhone.

The iOS App will work completely independently from the Mac app, as it uses your iCloud calendar data as well as supporting integration with Google Calendar, Exchange and more. So you don't need both the Mac and iOS app, you can use either or both. The underlying calendar data is also accessible from your standard Mac and iOS Calendar apps.

In this episode, Todd Olthoff gives you a refresher on the existing features of BusyCal on the Mac and take a look at some of the brand new features, as well as taking a look at the new iOS app on the iPad.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation & Set Up
  • Adding Calendar Accounts
  • Organizing Your Calendars & To Do's
  • Calendar Subscriptions
  • Calendar Views
  • Customizing Your Calendars
  • Adding Events
  • Working with Graphics & Tags
  • Time Zone Support
  • Working with To Do's
  • Setting Alarms
  • Search & Smart Filters
  • Menu Bar Application
  • BusyCal for iOS Install & Set Up
  • Calendar Settings
  • Calendar Views
  • Customizing Views
  • Adding Events & To Do's

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BusyMac Website - Link

iPad and iPhone App - iOS App Store Link

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Video Tutorial Comments

(9 comments posted)

Eugene Bouley

I would like to know the url of the icon calendar Todd subscribed to in the show.


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the comment:). Here is the link to the icon Calendar: webcal:// I got it off of the online manual for BusyCal. Enjoy!


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the comment:). Here is the link to the icon Calendar: webcal:// I got it off of the online manual for BusyCal. Enjoy!

Dave Creek

Me too! I searched and searched and could not find a holiday icon calendar

Dave Creek


I just tried that web address and it did not have holiday ICONS in it. Maybe you've got another address?


Dave Creek

I can see how one might construct a holiday icon calendar by using the BusyCal Graphics panel (Window>Graphics Panel). Maybe that is how it was done?

Tommy Weir

Gray Hodge

Thought I would try the iphone version. I love the clear and easy to read look of it, it has some nice touches, but three glaring omissions make it my second or third choice.
1. No ios10 widget (yet anyway)
2. Natural language fails badly compared with Calendars 5 or Fantastical.
3. Cannot enter an event by touch and hold on a time slot in day or week.

Back to Calendars 5 for me.


Gray Hodge

Replying to myself: change of mind...I looked at the Mac version and was impressed, then went back and viewed the screencast of Busy Contacts, and thought WOW, this reminds me of the Acts CRM I used in the bad old days before I bought a Mac. I loved that program then and missed it a lot when I converted to Mac/Iphone.
So with the way both Busy contacts and BusyCal work together I overcame my initial misgivings and forked out the $107AU for the package. Very nice they are too.

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