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With iOS 7 now launched, thoughts turn to OSX Mavericks, due out in a month or two. The upgrade process for a Mac is very different than an iOS device, with potentially a lot more data at stake.

So my recommendation would be to get a bootable backup strategy in place and start thinking about cleaning up your Mac.

So this show runs through two applications that will help you do just that - Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) & Clean My Mac 2

In this show I take you through using CCC to create a bootable backup and cloning your existing HD recovery partition, as well as demonstrating how to verify your backup and schedule incremental backups.

Clean My Mac 2 is a beautifully put together App that enables you to recover disk space, uninstall applications and find large and old files.

Perhaps it's time you gave your Mac a clean up before the new OS comes along!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Preparing Drive with Disk Utility
  • Initial Bootable Backup Job
  • Scheduling An Incremental Backup
  • CCC - Other Features
  • Clean My Mac 2

Important notice - Drobo devices do not support dynamic volume resizing (reference), and therefore cannot accept a Recovery HD volume. Do NOT attempt to create a Recovery HD volume on a Drobo device using Carbon Copy Cloner or any disk utility application.

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Great show !

Gill Vardy

Hi Don!
Yes great show!
i have en imac , macbook pro and a server, can i use the same hard disc on all computers or i need a deferent to each one?


Tommy Weir

I would have a backup drive along the lines Don mentioned for each one. The idea being you can boot off the drive and recommence using your Mac.

Tommy Weir

I'd put a shout out for Cocktail, another alternative like Onyx, does a great clean of system caches etc. Nice thing is once registered you can set it to run on a schedule.

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