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Cardhop by Flexibits is a new way to access and update your iCloud contacts.

Beautifully designed with a powerful built-in parsing engine, it's never been easier to create, search for, or update contacts information.

Your contacts are now just a keystroke away and Cardhop allows for all sorts of interactions and actions with your contact data.

Because the application uses your iCloud contacts database, any changes, deletions or additions you make are synchronised with your other devices via iCloud.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Searching & Adding Contacts
  • Adding Contacts
  • Cardhop Actions
  • Quick Actions
  • Notes
  • Groups & Data Transfer
  • Settings & Preferences

App Store Links:

Mac App Store - Cardhop

Show Links:

Flexibits Website

Video Tutorial Comments

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Rebecca Mcnamee

Nice tutorial and app! Thanks! How do you put a picture of your contact on the contact card? Same way as Apple contacts?


Thanks Rebecca!

When editing or adding a contact, just click on the image placeholder and you’ll be prompted to add a photo.

Brian Barry


I thought that your tutorial re Cardhop was exceptionally good. I learned a lot.

One feature of Cardhop that I think - all by itself - makes it worth the purchase price that you did not mention is its ability to show multiple groups on a contact record sheet. So, if Joe is in the groups:

San Diego Office
Project X
Project Y
Executive Committee

then all of these groups are displayed on Joe’s contact record. That is distinctly different from the default Apple Contacts application. In Contacts, to find out which groups Joe belongs to, you would need to examine all of your groups one at a time.

I have a number of contacts that belong to multiple groups and keeping those assignments straight is a chore in Contacts, but easy in Cardhop (or BusyContacts, which has the same capability). On iOS, Interact has that capability.


Thanks for that Brian, very useful.

Gray Hodge

Hi Don, just watching the cardhop SCO, as a fan of fantastical I’ve been interested in this app. When I first saw it I couldn’t see the benefit esp since I already use BusyContacts, however your tutorial brings out the best in the app.

Are you able to tell me...

1. When emailing from Cardhop, can i choose my preferred email app? (In my case it is Airmail).

2. Has there been any indication of Cardhop for iOS?


Hi Gary,

Glad you found the tutorial useful.

In response to your questions:

1 - Yes, but it’s not controlled by Cardhop, it’s found in Apple Mail -> Preferences -> General -> Default Mail App

2 - I really have no idea and I’m not privy to any insider information. However, I’d be surprised if they weren’t at least considering it!

Gray Hodge

I said to myself that I wouldn't buy Cardhop until they released an iOS version, which for me would be much more useful. I use contacts more on iPhone and iPad than my MBP.
However, I couldn't resist buying it after watching the tutorial. Ive had a couple of hours playing with it. It will take me a bit of time to Master it, mostly because it works so very differently than any other app. I've been using Busycontacts for a year or so, but waiting for an iOS version of that may be hopeful.
Even Fantastical took a couple of years of on-and-off use to finally (?) settle on it.
So far I am impressed with cardhop, I look forward to an iOS version, and a change of icons...cant even figure out the sandwich logo.


Yes, I've scratched my head about the sandwich logo too! Perhaps I should ask the developers - I think I will.

Will update when I find out.


Hey Gary, see the update I posted later in the thread about the icon and the name.

Richard Bruning

Right. Its a burned-in image of a Contact card icon... on a sandwich?? And anyway, “CARDHOP”? Why “HOP”?
Don, you must find the answers! (Especially since you’ve now convinced me I have to buy it.)


See below!

OK, you wanted to know about the Cardhop icon and name...

I contacted Michael Simmons, one of the Flexibits co-founders and he filled me in.

"The Cardhop icon was designed to represent surprise and delight and it looks like a contacts card! In addition, sandwiches are delicious and satisfying just like Cardhop.

We wanted the icon to stand out and make sure people didn’t think that Cardhop was “just another boring contacts app.”

As for the name Cardhop, we also felt it was a fun name and conveys quickness – the way you hop from action to action or contact to contact."

Thanks for the update Michael.

Chris Robinson

I use Gmail/ Google Contacts with Apple Contacts (on multiple Macs and iOS devices) and don't have the contacts sync with iCloud. I do the same with Apple Calendar (it syncs with gCal), that said I do use Fantastical on iOS and it works with this set up. Do you know whether this setup will work with Cardhop? Should I also sync my contacts and calendars with iCloud? Years ago it was a messy option that didn't work well so I turned iCloud syncing of contacts, calendars, and mail off and just set them all up with Google.


Hi Chris, I've not tried this but my impression would be that it would work the same as Fantastical on iOS. You're just using Google as the syncing mechanism but Cardhop would still pull the contacts information from Apple Contacts (which is being updated by Google sync).

Phil Hershkowitz

Hi Don,

Do you know if I can use Cardhop to delete a contact? Thanks!


Ye, you can right click and select "Remove Card"

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