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Cheaters is a great way to create you own "cheat sheets" for virtually any application.

Developed as a free utility by Brett Terpstra, Cheaters allows you to take raw HTML from web pages, or images and convert them into a customisable cheat sheet accessible within an Automator application.

Just run your App and all your cheat sheets are available at your fingertips!

It's really easy to set up too!

In the tutorial, I take you through downloading and installing the files and folders required to setup the initial Cheaters build. I then show you how to create an Automator application to run Cheaters.

One of the major benefits is that it's completely customisable. You can remove any of the supplied cheat sheets or add in your own. It's simply a matter of editing a few simple text files!

If you're not familiar with HTML or editing, I show you which files to edit and how to edit them, as well as show you how to create your own cheat sheets from scratch, using either existing web pages or converting PDFs to image files. You'll be surprised just how easy it is.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Introduction to Cheaters
  • Installation
  • Creating Automator Application
  • Removing Entries from Cheaters
  • Adding an Image Cheatsheet
  • Adding HTML based Cheatsheets
  • Using LittleSnapper to Capture Page Elements

Video Tutorial Comments

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Robert Whittier

The first time I watched this, it seemed both intimidating and unnecessary; after all, I have KeyCue, which ostensibly accomplishes much the same thing. But actually, no it doesn't. With KeyCue, you are at the mercy of its developer, who may or may not have interest in the software you are using. Cheaters lets you put in the cheat sheets to the software YOU use. And while the screencast appeared at first blush to be intimidating, it was actually pretty straightforward to work along with the screencast in customizing Cheaters with the cheat sheets I need. Brett Terpstra has since handed the project off to somebody else to maintain, but the link to it is still on his website.
Kudos to Don McAllister for taking a useful but intimidating bit of software, and explaining how anybody can set it up.

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