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One of my most used applications this week - ChronoSync. ChronoSync is an application I use daily to backup and synchronise my data between my Macs, my Drobo and my Synology NAS server. Highly configurable and customisable, it's really simple to set up synchronisation documents to undertake a variety of tasks. Once created, simply use ChronoSyncs built in scheduler to automate the process.

I also take a look at ChronoAgent, optional software you can install on your Mac targets to give you even more control and flexibility.

Econ Technologies have just released a new app for the iPad - InterConneX - that allows you to utilise ChronoSync and ChronoAgent to sync or access files between your Mac and your iPad, or even iPad to iPad. I take a brief look at this in this week's Mac show but explore further in this week's iOS show.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Using ChronoSync
  • Creating a Synchronizer Document
  • Actioning a Synchronizer Document
  • Options & Rules
  • Scheduling
  • Using ChronoAgent
  • Syncing to InterConneX

Video Tutorial Comments

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Kurt Werstein

The show is complete and is kept fairly generic in its example. That is example, singular. Personally, I would have liked to have seen more effort given to some possible scenarios, and provide one more example.

Dan Milligan

HI Don... just wondering if you are still using ChronoSync for backup and syncing of files. It looks much the same in this screencast as it does on their present site so this SC was very useful in that respect. My man reason for wanting to use ChronoSync would be to be able to use Lightroom on both an iMac and an MBPro, using an ExtHD as my storage but being able to sync the LR cataglogue, presets so that settings on both machines were always current. It also looks like I could then use ChronoSync to back my entire photo library to another ExtHD (or two!).


Hi Dan, Yes, I continue to use ChronoSync on a daily basis. I back my working project files from a local partition to another partition that syncs with DropBox. It's a very powerful backup/sync solution.

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