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This week, the show takes a sneaky peak at an application we've previously covered on ScreenCastsOnline, but which is just about to be re-launched with some terrific new features.

Update: Circus Ponies Notebook V3.0 is now available from the Circus Ponies website

Circus Ponies NoteBook is a fully featured information manager which uses the metaphor of a familiar paper notebook interface complete with pages, tabs, sections and sub sections and now sticky notes and flags. It allows you to store text, outlines, to-dos, images, sketches, web clippings, email clippings, movies, PDFs or other documents on the pages of the notebook itself and then organise them with keywords, highlighting and even voice annotation.

Once you've got your information stored, NoteBook makes it really easy to search all of your information. A comprehensive indexing system is built right into NoteBook giving you instant access to all the information multiple index pages, just like the index in a book. In addition, all of a Notebooks unencrypted text is now also accessible via OSX spotlight searches.

As well as all this functionality, Circus Ponies NoteBook allows you to share your information easily and simply with other users and can even publish your notebooks to the web as fully functional websites directly to MobileMe or to any other Web Hosting Provider. It's been quite a while since we covered v2.1 of Notebook, way back in April 2007 so I'll make no apologies for covering some old ground rather than just focussing on the new elements.

The application has taken the notebook metaphor to a completely new level with this release and includes some stunning new features which we'll cover as we move through the tutorial.

Wherever possible, I've indicate new features by displaying this icon ?in the bottom right corner of the screen and added in additional chapter markers for easy navigation. Chapter markers are included in all Extra member versions of the shows but as this show has been sponsored by Circus Ponies, I've left them in the free version so you can try them out.

This weeks show covers:

  • Introduction to NoteBook
  • New - Info Flags
  • New - Inspector Changes
  • New - Toolbar Changes
  • New - Detachable Pages
  • Adding Pages and Media
  • Adding media files to NoteBook
  • New - Support for Sketching & Writing
  • New - Support for Pen Devices
  • New - Diagramming & Sticky Notes
  • New - Sticky Notes
  • Outlining and Annotation
  • New - Date Popup
  • Web and Email Clippings
  • Multidex Indexing
  • Sharing your NoteBook

Video Tutorial Comments

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Kerry Dawson

I've had the Mac version of Circus Ponies Notebook for years but really never knew how to use it effectively. The two Mac tutorials were excellent and I now have a much better idea how I can utilize this software.

Recently, I just purchased the iPad software and it certainly is different interface wise. What I would have loved to have seen was a tutorial on the iPad version of this software and how you can effectively use it and integrate this with your desktop. I was surprised to find there wasn't a tutorial on the iPad product.

I do have it going now and effectively sync'g with the desktop version. Although you did some shows that are on Youtube, they were very brief and didn't provide the focus on the different interfaces and integration capability between the Mac and IOS version. I think this would make an excellent tutorial.

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