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You're at your local coffee shop using their free WiFi. Just how secure are you? Not very secure as it turns out!

You need to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to create a secure "tunnel" out of the free wifi zone, to prevent anyone being able to snoop on your data locally.

This week, Todd Olthoff takes a look at Cloak for Mac, an inexpensive VPN client for your Mac. The iOS version is covered in this week's iOS show. Cloak creates a secure connection between you and the Cloak servers to secure your data. As an added bonus, the built in "Cloak Transporter" service allows you to mimic being connected in other countries, ideal for when you're away from home yet want to access geolocation specific services.

The full tutorial covers:

  • VPN Overview
  • Installation & Set Up
  • Preferences - General
  • Preferences - Network
  • Preferences - Account
  • Preferences - Updates & Advanced
  • Preferences - Transporter

Video Tutorial Comments

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Tommy Weir

Thanks Todd, looks like an interesting tool. Will definitely investigate to up my privacy and security while out and about. The transporter facility intrigues. I wonder what the data usage would be if you used it to watch videos on a regular basis. I currently use, a DNS redirection service to facilitate viewing US television but always curious as to options.


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the comment Tommy! You should have about the same data usage as it is only encrypting the connection but that would be something interesting to test. It is still best to make sure you use wifi as much as possible though, especially if you have a data cap:).

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