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Recent years have seen a boom in the number of services providing Cloud based storage. iDisk, Dropbox, Amazon S3, to name but a few. All are secure, resilient services with some offering free elements.

To some people however, cloud based storage is not an option.

Concerns about security, giving data to third parties, potential downtime, capacity limits or just the sheer difficulty of uploading all the date you'd like to access via the web in the first place.

  • What if you could have your own private datacenter at home or at the office?
  • How about transferring data to your own personal cloud storage at LAN or Gigabit speeds?
  • How about adding terabytes of data to your shared storage pool instantly, just by plugging in an extra drive?

This week's show allows you to do all this and more, using a relatively inexpensive hardware device - Pogoplug.

Just plug the Pogoplug into your router at the home or Office and connect up to 4 USB drives. All the information contained on the drives is immediately accessible via the web. Just logon to the Pogoplug service and access all your data from any web browser from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • You can even access your data via the Pogoplug application on you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Share individual files and or folders with friends or colleagues with a few simple clicks.
  • Utilise ""Active Copy"" to copy files or folders from you Mac or Pc directly to the Pogoplug automatically for web access with the added benefit of automatic backups.
  • Store media files on your Pogoplug to stream music via the web, even transcode movies to view via a web browser.
  • You can even copy files to your Pogoplug from your computer on your local network at LAN speeds using the Pogoplug drive application available for Mac, PC and Linux. Your Pogoplug drives (along with files shared with you) appear as shared devices right within the Finder, allowing you to treat them just like normal drives. All this can be accomplished with no monthly contracts or fees for life, just the initial purchase price of the Pogoplug and external drives.

In detail, this weeks Extra! members show covers:

  • Introduction to Pogoplug
  • Pogoplug Installation
  • Pogoplug Drive Application
  • Active Copy
  • Sharing with the Pogoplug
  • Sharing considerations
  • Receiving Shared Files and Folders
  • Pogoplug Settings
  • Adding a Drobo via USB to Pogoplug
  • Accessing Pogoplug via iOS Devices

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