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Previously, you would need skills in Adobe Flash or Dreamweaver to create this sort of content, something that would required in depth technical knowledge and web development skills. Even with these tools and the required skills, content generated with these proprietary tools could not be displayed on the latest iOS devices. The iPad/iPhone and iPod touch have excluded Flash playback, relying instead on standards based technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

These new technologies are capable of displaying some amazing visual tricks such as transforms, reflections and other effects, all without taxing the processor and affording a wide range of support on many devices and browsers.

The problem is, how to learn these new technologies?

Well with Hype, you don't need to!

Hype is a new application that allows you to create simple or complex animated and interactive graphics using simple drag and drop. Just create some text and drop an image on the scene. Then use a simple timeline and keyframes to animate the text and graphics as you need. Fade in, move around the scene, all easily accomplished. Add additional scenes and buttons to create fully interactive content, all without a single line of code.

Once you've created your content, preview it directly in your browser, without leaving the application.

Publishing your content is a snip. Just export to a file and all the required HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript code and supporting files are generated for you. Just copy into any existing webpages and upload to the web and you're done. Or, Export to Dropbox and see your content published to the web instantly, Hype even provides the links to the newly published files to send via email.

It really is that easy.

This week's tutorial takes you through the basics of using Hype, with plenty of examples on how to create stunning web content.

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