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Update: We've created more recent DEVONthink tutorials since this was published - Please see this link

Continuing on from the last episode, Todd Olthoff leads us through some of the more advanced aspects of DEVONthink.

In this second and final part of this two part series, Todd takes a looks at some of the built in artificial intelligence within DEVONthink, to allow it to assist you in organising and filing your documents.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Using the Auto Group Feature
  • Auto Classify
  • See Also & Classify
  • Working With Documents
  • Searching In DEVONthink
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Using Tags
  • Spotlight Search
  • Email Archiving
  • Scanning with Scan Snap
  • Scanning with Image Capture
  • Built in Web Server

Video Tutorial Comments

(14 comments posted)

Peter Ralston

Really useful - more please! :-)


Todd Olthoff

Thanks the feedback Peter! Glad you enjoyed the screencast and found it helpful:).

I have followed the screencast on DevonThink with great interest. Personally, I use 'Together' from Reinvented ( priced at almost $40 to manage my professional knowledge base. From this second episode I learned that DevonThink has some interesting extra's that could warrant the price tag. I would rank Together's capabilities between the Personal and Pro version of DevonThink, for a price lower than 'Personal'. May be I would choose DevonThink if I still had to spend the money. May be worth considering for viewers that do not value all DevonThink's capabilities.

Thanks for the show.


Todd Olthoff

Great point Peter. Not everyone needs the power of Devonthink and I have heard good things about Together but haven't used it myself.

Polo Hurtado

Good topic. Useful information. Todd, one bit of feedback: slow down a little bit; at times this "run-thru" felt quite literally, rushed. Also, I think it would be valuable to produce a third video in the series tackling more advanced topics.


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the feedback Polo! Always good to know where to improve:). Glad you found the information useful. What type of topics would you like to see covered?

Pascal Lefevre

A joy to watch just like last week Todd.
And +1 here for a third show covering more advanced topics (Tickler anyone?) and how to use ideas maybe.
Then a fourth on integration with a GTD system.
Do you have a blog somewhere? I'd be intersted to read it if you do.

I am busy making a layout for my GTD/paperless/info-gathering system at the moment and the apps I use ar DTPO, Things, iCal, Mail and Reeder combined with some additional apps/services like Google Reader, Readability, MindNode, Fujitsu ScanSnap, Reminders, Notes, DTTG and Scanner Pro.

I hope I may post a link here to a 5 part blog post on the subject that I found really useful. Also check some of the links in his articles, some very useful stuff there.

If it's not appropriate to post the link here then please delete it.


Todd Olthoff

Pascal thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the screencasts:). So you are thinking something on a tickler system and GTD with Devonthink Pro Office is that right? It would be interesting to hear advance topics you would like covered. Also thanks for the link! Seems like he put a lot of thought into his system!


Pascal Lefevre

Sorry for the late reply Todd but I have spent all my free time working on my GTD/Paperless system to get a good start.

Some interesting topics for future shows on the matter IMO could be:
- How to use the built-in Tickler system in DTPO. It's easy to create one but how do we use it right?
- Real-life examples of a paperless office and DTPO folder structure.
- Integrating DTPO in a GTD system with a GTD application like Things.
- making use of scripts to facilitate the integration with other apps like Things, MacJournal, Mail, Contacts, BusyCal, Reminders, Notes and Reeder (which is combined with Google Reader, Twitter and Readability for information gatehering).

I am busy myself to setup a paperless office which integrates all these apps in order to come to one system comprising paperless office, GTD, journaling and information gathering. Quite a sandwich! :)

arben prestreshi

Todd, great screencast, can you tell me do you personally use both devonthink and leap and how do you manage that or you just would propose one or the other...


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the feedback Arben! Sorry I just saw your comment:(. I use both together for different purposes. Right now I have a mix of Devonthink Databases and my own file system in the Finder. When I need to find something quick or I want to tag files quickly, I use Leap. For all my other stuff like scanning, pdf's, etc. I put those in Devonthink and use it to search. The beauty of both is Leap can find Devonthink files so it can also tell me where those files are located in what database. Hopefully that helps:).

Desalegn Workneh

I signed up because of this tutorial; and I am satisfied (they mentioned this screencast in their website).

Dear Todd, I highly recommend you to put your casts apart from regular youtube video by presenting advanced tools as you did in here. I also highly recommend you to cover tools like Tinderbox, which are total enigma for most people. Tinderbox is such an amazing application, but people are frustrated because of shortage of proper guide material (I bought their book, but is some unrelated stuff, unfortunately). I am sure you will get a dozen of new customers if nail it down.


Todd Olthoff

Desalegn, Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorials. I will definitely look into Tinderbox which I haven't had experience with but from the looks of it seems to have a lot of power. Thanks for the tip!

Mike Grace

Hi Todd

Just getting into DEVONthink - taking my time so I can really get to use it.

I also have DEVONagent - any chance of doing a screencast on that?

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