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This week's show really demonstrates how Apple can create amazing hardware platforms that perform beautifully, and enhance the experience by developing software that brings it all together, a real tour de force on how Apple stuff just works!

Firstly, I take a look at the newly released iPad Camera Connection kit and follow through with a look at managing your digital images, along with some iPad applications to edit them.

These are two""dongles"" that connect to the iPad. One for USB devices and one for SD cards. These relatively inexpensive additions to the iPad enable it to capture images, movies and audio clips from a multitude of devices. Using the built in Software, the iPad is a great tool for capturing your media and displaying it on the iPad immediately.

As well as displaying your media, you can manage the images on your Camera or SD card, trim videos and create Multimedia slideshows, all without a Mac. The iPad becomes a media ""aggregator"" allowing you to clear your camera or SD card or more sensibly, becomes a backup of your digital assets when on the road.

The show demonstrates importing media from several devices including an iPhone, a point and shoot camera and a SD based camcorder.

As well as using your iPad to safely import your digital media, the show also takes a look at two applications demonstrating the potential of the iPad as a creative tool and not just a device for media consumption.

PhotoGene: a digital image editor and ReelDirector: A video editor for the iPad.

Once you have your media safely stored on the iPad, the show also demonstrates a digital workflow, moving your images and video from the iPad, to a laptop and then to a desktop using Aperture libraries, along with a recommendation for automatically creating and synchronising pristine, unedited backups of all your digital media during import.

There are also some pointers for iPhoto users.

Finishing off with a section on how to access your imported media via the standard Apple media browser (e.g. in iMovie) along with a quick demonstration of a free third party media browse - the iMedia Browser from Karelia software.

In detail, the show covers:

  • iPad Camera Connection Kit
  • Importing from Canon Powershot G10
  • Importing from iPhone 3GS
  • Importing from Kodak Zi8
  • Digital Editing on the iPad
  • Photogene
  • ReelDirector Video Editing
  • Organising your Digital Workflow
  • Importing into Aperture from iPad
  • Syncing Backup Copies
  • Importing into iPhoto from iPad
  • Karelia iMedia Browser

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