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This episode demonstrates two great ways to use your iOS devices with your Mac - using your iPad as a secondary monitor to gain some valuable screen real estate or as a digital trackpad or drawing device to control your Mac and draw directly onto the Mac screen.

Allison also takes a looks at Bookpedia for Mac and Pocketpedia on iOS to catalogue and manage your physical and digital book collection.

iPads have beautiful, high resolution Retina screens, so why not take full advantage of them with your Mac.

Duet Display - allows you to turn most iOS devices into a second screen. Fantastic when you're travelling with your laptop, or even with your desktop Mac at home.

AstroPad - dispenses with the need for expensive dedicated graphic pad tablets for drawing or sketching. Just hook up your iOS device to your Mac and use the iPad to "draw" on the Mac desktop. You can use your finger or a wide range of bluetooth styluses - AstroPad supports the leading models. Where AstroPad really shines, is on the iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil.

Bookpedia & Pocketpedia - If you have an extensive book collection, either physical or digital, Bookpedia allows you to catalogue and manage your books. Once you've catalogued your collection, you can use Pocketpedia on iOS to sync and access your catalogue on the go.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Duet Display Introduction
  • Duet Display Mac Installation
  • Duet Display iOS Installation
  • Duet Display on iPad
  • Astropad
  • Astropad Mac Installation
  • iPhone & Apple Watch Installation
  • iPad Air Installation
  • Astropad on iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Astropad on iPad Air
  • Bookpedia
  • Bookpedia First Run
  • Bookpedia Service
  • Collections
  • Importing Books
  • Bookpedia Preferences
  • Pocketpedia on iOS

Show Links:

Duet Display App Store Link

AstroPad App Store Link

Bookpedia & Pocketpedia


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Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

William Johnson

Great explanation of the 3 applications. Thank you for all the work you did to visually show the 3 applications. I feel that I learned a lot about the 3 applications.

James S

Yeah, nice work Allison. Like the way live video was edited along with screen recording, when needed.

Bet it took some work, but the result made it well done. Many thanks.

Colin Campbell

Good tutorial, must have taken a lot of work to produce it, thank you. While Bookpedia looks interesting, I think I may find more use for one its companion apps CDpedia - does anyone know if it offers anything significant over what you already see in iTunes?

David Price

Allison is right up there. She's an excellent presenter. If she was using a script, it certainly didn't seem like it. The production quality was on the money and the apps she taught were new to me. An asset to ScreenCastsOnline!

Brian Renshaw

Thanks for the recommendation of Bookpedia! Been looking for something like this in place of Delicious Library since it doesn't have a way to view your books on iOS. Been using this now for a couple weeks and absolutely love it.

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