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Time to start thinking about what Apps to put on to the iPad!

This is the first in an occasional series of screencasts where I select my absolutely indispensable apps for the new iPad. No iPad? Well not to worry as these will all work just as well on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Actually, as the iPad was still unreleased at the time of recording, I can't get access to native iPad apps so these are the iPhone versions, but should work just fine on the iPad! As well as being a great device for consuming media, I think the iPad will be used as more and more as a basic computer where people don't need a full blown laptop and the iPhone is just too small.

Email is a given, but we'll see more and more business type applications being developed for the iPad. Following on from last weeks show, if you're serious about productivity, TextExpander is a no brainer, enabling you to speed up text entry significantly with auto expanding snippets, invoked by just a few simple keyboard shortcuts.

If only TextExpander was available on the iPad? Well it is, in the form of TextExpander Touch!

TextExpander Touch has been available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for a while. Although not identical to the Mac version, TextExpander Touch delivers the ability to create snippets and abbreviations in two modes. The first is via its compose window where you can draft notes or emails and then send directly to your Mail application or to any third party app via the clipboard. The second mode is just like TextExpander for the Mac.

All it needs is for the third party app to include TextExpander Touch support and you can access your snippets from within the application. The show shows you how to use both modes effectively along with taking a look at the built in TextExpander Touch support in both Tweetie 2 and SimpleNote. This week's show also demonstrates how to share your snippet groups both ways between your Mac and your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Tweetie 2 is still my Twitter client for now and will be the first client to go on the iPad. With the integration with TextExpander Touch, it's a must have but I've seen some screenshots of some other native iPad Twitter clients so this may be short lived. As I've already covered Tweetie 2 in depth (SCO0227), I've just included this to show the integration with TextExpander Touch. We may have to wait to see how Tweetie 2 survives until an iPad version is released.

SimpleNote is also another application I've covered before (SCO0237) and will be heading straight to my iPad. Again, included in this show mainly to demonstrate TextExpander Touch, SimpleNote is a perfect, lightweight solution for synchronised note creation.

In detail, this week's show covers:

  • TextExpander Touch Overview
  • Snippet Groups
  • Using the Compose Window
  • Creating a New eMail
  • Replying to eMails
  • TextExpander Touch Integration
  • Setting up Integration in TextExpander Touch
  • Tweetie2 Configuration
  • Other Integrated Applications
  • Integration with SimpleNote
  • Sharing Snippet Groups
  • Setting up Preferences on the Mac
  • Getting Snippet Groups from the Mac
  • Sending Snippet Groups to the Mac

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