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Time to revisit an old favourite of ScreenCastsOnline, and that's Evernote.

Not just a quick revisit, Evernote have pulled all the stops out and completely redesigned both the Mac and iOS client applications. The redesigns aren't just cosmetic either, they've added a lot of new functionality to Evernote, and in doing so have changed the way you may interact with the application.

This week is the first in a multipart series looking at the new features of Evernote 5 for Mac.

As the redesign is pretty radical, I thought it useful to start again from scratch and show you Evernote from first principles. This week focuses on core concepts and starts to take a look at the radically new user interface.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • New Mac Application UI
  • Shortcuts & Recent Notes
  • Using Views
  • Using Notes
  • Note Attachments - Audio
  • Note Attachments - Camera Image
  • Note Attachments - Files
  • Note Information
  • Note Attachments - PDF
  • Additional Note Creation Techniques

Video Tutorial Comments

(8 comments posted)

I've first tried Evernote using Lion and found the Mac client extremely buggy which horrible page rendering (looked like someone smeared the words across my screen). Can anyone speak to its stability today?


Michael H. Gerloff

Hi, Yaphet, I use Evernote for a long time and never had problems. No crash, no smear, just stable.


Zentak Bvba

I use Evernote daily, and next to the sometimes not intuitive search and browse features (maybe Don should go into detail explaining these), the current version 5.0.4 is very stable.


Seems pretty stable to me and now looks gorgeous too! Will be covering search in the next episode.

Bob Bellenghi

Don in chapter 11 you use the term "pre-processed PDF's"
could you please clarify what a pre processed PDF is


I meant one that had already been OCR's or had it's text layer created by another application. Evernote will do this automatically if you're a premium member.

Sam Purkin

In this show - you indicate that command 1, command 2 lets you navigate the shortcuts area in the top left - doesn't seem to work and I can't find any documentation to support this. Thoughts?


Hi Sam, As per our emails (and just in case anybody else asks) it looks like the numerics must be on the main keyboard, not a numeric keyboard.

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