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A firm favourite of ScreenCastsOnline, Evernote has seen some incremental changes since I last covered it in Episodes 151 and 152. However, with the release of Evernote for Mac v2, it's time to consolidate all the changes and some of the new features into a brand new show.

Consequently, this week's show brings you fully up to date with all the goodness that is Evernote v2.

There are two versions of the show, a full members version and a shorter free version.

  • Introduction to Evernote - A quick update on what Evernote is and how it can help you in so many different ways.
  • New Mac Client Software - An exploration of the new Mac client allowing you access to features previously only available in the Web client
  • Notebook Stacks - A great way to finally organise your Evernote notebook to suit your way of working.
  • Using Tags - How to assign and organise your notes.
  • Sharing Notebooks - Share your notebooks with the public, or securely with nominated individuals for easy collaboration.
  • Creating Notes - How to create a note via the toolbar, by drag and drop or using the global shortcuts.
  • Adding Attachments - With full support for storing attachments of up to 50MB in the premium version, Evernote is a great way to store many different types of files.
  • Sending Emails to Evernote - One of my favourite features, forward emails directly to your Evernote database for storage and retrieval.
  • Adding NoteBook and Tag Information to Emails - An extra feature is to send emails directly into specific notebooks, and even assign tags within your email client before you send it to Evernote
  • Adding NoteBook and Tag Information to Emails with TextExpander - A great tip for using TextExpander snippets to label your emails to assign the destination notebook and assign tags. The full members show also covers:
  • Evernote and Twitter - Link your Twitter account with Evernote to send public Tweets or private DMs directly into your Evernote account from Twitter.
  • Scanning with Evernote - With support for lot's of scanners, Evernote is the ideal place to store and retrieve your scanned documents. I demonstrate setting up a Fujitsu ScanSnap to scan directly into Evernote.
  • Searching with Evernote - What's the point of storing all this information if you can't search for it easily. This section gives you hints and tips on searching, especially useful for finding all those notes your meant to tag, and haven't quite got round to!
  • Note History - A new premium feature - access your note history to see previous versions of notes.
  • Migrating Delicious Bookmarks to Evernote - With all the rumpus about Delicious being closed down, or sold off, this section shows you a simple way to migrate all your Delicious bookmarks into Evernote. Not only that, but it creates a Notebook, creates a separate note for each bookmark, copies the bookmarked page into the note and assigns it with the Delicious tag - all automatically - outstanding!
  • Evernote Trunk - An exploration of the new Evernote Trunk
  • Evernote Accounts - So which account is best for you? This section describes the differences between the free account and the premium account, along with a mention of the new sponsored account.

Also for members, I've included a couple of videos I did for some new utilities

DTerm Promo Video Synk 7 Promo Video

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