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This second part of a two part show takes you through some of the more advanced feature of FCP X and shows you how you can easily upgrade your iMovie of Final Cut Express skills.

This show follows on from SCO0305 - Final Cut Pro X - Part 1

Despite howls of criticism from the top end "broadcast" pro video editors, Apple have, in fact, released a stunning video editing app.

Final Cut Pro X is full of cutting edge features, wrapped up in an all new user interface, built to perform with full 64 bit support. If you don't need the "missing" import and export features (and most people don't), Apple have given iMovie and Final Cut Express users a brilliant and relatively affordable upgrade path.

The web has been awash with some (and some not so much) justified criticism of the latest flagship video editing package from Apple. However, these criticisms really only impact the top video editors in the Movie and TV industry - those who need to interwork with other industry professionals or use complex multi-cam rigs.

Most prosumer users, currently limited by iMovie or struggling with Final Cut Express, now have a valid upgrade path to the Pro level package.

Apple have built FCP X from the ground up with performance and capability in mind. Built on a full 64bit architecture, FCP X is extremely speedy and uses background processing for many tasks, allowing you to get on with editing. The new interface is both simple and complex. Simple enough to allow you to get in and get on with some rudimentary editing. as well as allowing you to use its more complex features as and when required.

Add in some breathtaking new features such as Auditions, Audi Sync (my favourite), Auto Colour matching, drag and drop Retiming, full keyframe support, magnetic timeline... to name but a few, FCP X is the new foundation for the future of video editing.

This week's tutorial takes you through some of the more advanced features of FCP X

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